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22nd January Weigh In


Hurrah!  1.5lbs off!  Sneakily, I was hoping to match the 3lbs off like last week but I’m still pleased – it’s all heading in the right direction.  As sad as it sounds, I want the first weigh in of February to come round now – I want to complete my stats and take measurements and revel a little.  I will take small victories – eventually they’ll all add up.

Exercise-wise, I went to Zumba Tone last night.  It wasn’t that good – I wasn’t feeling it.  Our instructor is fab, but for some reason known only to herself, she decided to do two normal Zumba tracks.  I struggle with normal Zumba – it is too quick for me to follow on fast songs.


I kind of end up standing there, flailing my arms around and looking, well, like the fat uncomfortable Tub that I am.  Anyway, I don’t know whether I was tired or what, but I couldn’t have worked that hard as I don’t hurt today.

On the C25K front, I have been reading Runners World (snuggled in front of the fire – not braving the outdoors quite yet).  I’d like to get out next week I think, and see what I can do.  Sod February – it isn’t coming around quick enough!  There’s some interesting meal ideas, and some great articles for beginners.

So it’s onwards and downwards I think.

Author: Steph

Blogger learning to live a healthier life, losing weight and starting to run.

3 thoughts on “22nd January Weigh In

  1. Zumba scares me! 4.5 lbs is such good progress, congratulations! Do you really find Runners World helpful? I’ve never read it but just assumed they assume anyone reading it can run an 8 minute mile and has been able to forever…

    • Normal Zumba scares me too! I do like Runners World, I like the articles and food. Obviously I’m not quite there on the “run your first sub-2:30 marathon” but I do like the magazine. I also find it a reasonable source of inspiration in a kind of “you can do this” way (probably because it is more aimed at those who were born wearing the correct running shoes and lyrca)

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