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Quit yo’ jibber jabbering Inner Tub…


… I don’t have time to have a debate with you this evening about the virtues of our run.  We are busy.  This means getting in, heading out for a run, then showing our (beetroot coloured) face at Fat Club.  Yes, I know you’re hungry (like all the time!), and the Slimming World meeting is taking forever to get through at the moment, so we’ll do a deal, and if there is no chance that either M or me being Slimmer of the Week (where you win fruit), getting to our Club 10 (10% of body weight off) or indeed hit our 2 stone mark, then we’ll chat to friends for a few minutes and then head home.


Not too impressed that M had to stay at work a bit later, so we got home later than planned, but determined, I went out.  I started walking, got my ipod out for the podcast.  Except in a recent update, for some bizarre reason, my ipod had wiped C25K (Inner Tub, did you sabotage this?!).  Undeterred, I figured I could cope without the podcast, and follow the plan (5mins walk, then 60 secs running, 90 secs walking until I’d done 8 runs, then 5 mins walk).  It was much harder, having to constantly look at the watch.  I was also overtaken by a real runner.  Nevertheless, I completed Week 1, and looked incredibly dedicated at Fat Club.

Appearing somewhat beetroot coloured at weigh in, I dragged my body hopped onto the scales and registered a 4lb loss.  I am pleased with that.  I am not pleased at how long the meeting is taking.  It’s ridiculous.  Not only that but I didn’t even get my chance to talk about my week – too many newcomers asking silly questions (read the book!!!).  This is a follow on from not being a “regular” yesterday (I know it isn’t, but it feels that way).  Hmph.

What I have (re)discovered though, is that I seem to have become lactose, or specifically, milk intolerant again.  I went through a similar phase in 2008 when I moved back down South, where I couldn’t handle milk (pesky Devonian cows clearly produce richer milk than Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire cows).  I’d get excrutiating tummy ache, and I’m getting the same again this time.  I am assuming that it is a milk intolerance, as that is the only real thing that has changed lately (my milk consumption has increased a bit).  I’ve decided to go back to soya milk for the time being.

One more week to go before I can update my spreadsheet, indulge my need for progress stats, and revel in less of me.

Author: Steph

Blogger learning to live a healthier life, losing weight and starting to run.

2 thoughts on “Quit yo’ jibber jabbering Inner Tub…

  1. Congrats on the 4lb loss, that is awesome!!

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