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Burning lungs of… Hope? Despair? Lard?

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I’ve come back from my first run of Week 2’s podcast. I wondered, during my third run, if my lungs were about to implode, or perhaps they’d explode. I can’t quite work it out. Could they cope with much more? Well, yes they did actually – 3 more runs in fact. Anyway, it was significantly more challenging than my first week (what a surprise!). However, I am still feeling good for having completed it. My knees aren’t too sore now either, so this is all looking rather promising. I do think that I may repeat this week if I struggle with Week 3. Who knows – I may surprise myself and cope with it. The important thing is that I don’t give up.

Onwards and upwards it is!


Author: Steph

Blogger learning to live a healthier life, losing weight and starting to run.

One thought on “Burning lungs of… Hope? Despair? Lard?

  1. One foot in front of the other and all that 🙂

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