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Have I had an exciting day?  No, not really.  What I have done though is retrieved a little bit of my wedding planning mojo.  I’ve been feeling pretty down on the whole thing lately, and a lot of it stems from jealousy – I’m jealous that friends who got engaged at Christmas are getting married two months before us.  On a totally selfish, and somewhat bridezilla-esque note, it mucks up my whole hen weekend thing – when I’m planning mine, my friend will be getting married, and therefore people will be too skint to do much for my hen.  Spoilt brat?  Yes, undoubtedly.  Pah.  Anyway, there has been a wedding fair on today that M and I went to.  I’ve come away from it remembering that it’s about us getting married, not the piss up or the hen/stag nights.  It’s about the marriage, not the wedding.  I have also tried to put my lack of mojo into context – we have sorted all the big stuff really – the church is booked, as is the reception venue (including food etc), the photographers are booked and mine and my sister’s dresses are bought, as are the wedding rings.  We have 10 months and counting!


In other news, we have braved the food shopping and crammed the loot into the fridge.  I’m making Thai fishcakes this week, in the quest of finding new things to eat (despite being seaside born and bred, M and I aren’t the greatest seafood lovers).  We also watched some of the runners go past our flat, running the Fulfords 5.  I noticed how many different running styles people adopt too.  I’d never really paid much attention to it before.  Usually when I see another runner, I am trying to not huff and puff horrendously past them in a bid to appear a little fitter than I am, and barely have the capacity to look beyond the immediate path.  Maybe next year I’ll enter the Fulfords 5 (miles).


On the thought of running, I have just completed Week 2, Run 2.  It was easier than the first run of Week 2, so there is some small piece of hope that eventually, I may find this all ok (I’ll probably never find it easy).  Frustratingly, during one of my walking patches, a man appeared from a side road with his dog just in front of me.  He then proceeded to keep the same pace as me.  As my next shuffle approached, I decided it would appear slightly stalkerish at worst, weird at best, if this fat lady came pounding up behind him.  I decided, therefore, to cross the road at the next T junction (which did through my run out by 10 seconds, but I added them on to the end of that run – get me for dedication!).  Anyway, that was pretty much it.  I’m already hitting 3.52km so I would like to think that my 30 minutes of running will be longer than 5k (and therefore I am couch to 5k+).  My min/km iscurrently 9:31, which is a bit worse than last time out, which was 9:25, but wholly better than my very first of 10:11.  Not that I am hung up on times/speeds particularly.  I just like stats.


Now, if you’ll excuse me, I am off to have my Sunday evening soak (easily the best bit of running, even if it is an ‘after the event’, and so far, only on Sundays).  Right now, this is the best reward I can have.


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