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Things I learnt yesterday…

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I went out in the afternoon yesterday, and it was as bad, and yet not as bad as I thought it would be.  A little contradictory?  Let me elaborate, by way of learning points:


1.  Labradors have the ability to wind you, with little effort on their part

I love dogs, I really do.  Our dog is part of my blog header.  I’m not afraid of dogs either.  However, what I cannot abide is badly behaved dogs (which seems a stronger trait in chocolate labs, unless they have the unfortunate ability to attract rubbish owners – I am generalising, of course, but of my two memorable dog incidents, both have been chocolate labs).  This dog, which was more tank than dog, was clearly excited to be out and came to say hello.  All ok so far.  Then, it jumped up.  Hmm, less ok but alright, I’m clearly friendly.  Then, the bloomin’ thing pushed off to a run, using me as a starting block.  Ooooof – when a lab does that you definitely know about it!  Did the owners say anything?  Did they hell.


2.  I reinforced my love of cows

I love cows.  I find them fascinating, which, conveniently, is a mutual feeling.  Of course, they much prefer it when I am riding, though I haven’t ridden a horse for about a year and a half now.  It’s nice that they find me interesting on my own.


3.  Most people are not going to point and laugh at my attempts to get fit

The majority of people actually smiled at me.  In a nice way, not at all pitying me.  There were a couple that didn’t, but neither did they point, laugh, jest or throw insults my way.


4.  Don’t wear thin trainer socks when it’s a bit damp outside

I have learnt this the hard way and have a rub on the back of my heel, which is pretty sore.  I couldn’t find a clean pair of proper trainer socks, only some micro socks that are pretty useless.


5.  It’s not a random taxi driver’s fault I am fat

Yes, you read that correctly – I was assured that it wasn’t his fault I was fat.  How did that come about?  I was waiting to cross the road, and he slowed down (not indicating to turn in), so I stepped off the kerb, then had to hop back as he decided that he did want to cut across me.  I looked at him, and he decided to yell out of the window that it wasn’t his fault I am fat.  Gee, thanks.  As if I didn’t know that already.  I won’t be using that taxi company ever (not that I use them often anyway).


I think I’ll stick to my usual route, at my usual time for the foreseeable future.

Author: Steph

Blogger learning to live a healthier life, losing weight and starting to run.

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