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Mixed bag of running, weigh ins and wedding


The marvellous Never2late4 has convinced me to join her in Fab Ab Feb (which is amusing to my little brain in that it is FAF for short, but undoubtedly, having already done so, I will most likely end up calling in Ab Fab Feb).  But Tub, it’s already 13th Feb.  I know!  It may run into Mad Abs March.  In fact, it will have to, as I have no current hope of completing 10 push ups AND a 35s plank.

Back to the “usual” rambling about running.  I completed Week 3 yesterday.  That’s 9 runs – I’ll be in double figures this week (baby milestones).  It felt ok.  I’m not saying I was fast, or that I could have gone on much further, but I’m pretty pleased with myself to be honest.  I need to have a look at what Week 4 has in store at some point.

Weigh in went well – another 2lbs down.  It’s strange, because I really didn’t think I was going to lose anything.  My weight all week had stayed the same as last week’s weigh in, so the 2lbs was a pleasant surprise.  I think that means I’m only 3lbs away from my next half stone now – another milestone hit.  That also means I’m only half a stone from one of my “interim” targets (the interim target being significant, as that is the weight I was when I first decided that enough was enough in 2008).  I have now probably eaten enough pancakes to see a reversal on the scales next week, but it’s back to being super healthy and not indulging (a fine balance to strike between indulging and restricting).  As I stepped off the scales, the lady on the desk said she wished she could pinch my motivation (or come to my house for tea).  I thought it was a strange comment, as I don’t feel massively motivated right now.  I think I have hit the point where I have realised that whatever excuses I throw at this project, ultimately it’s all down to me, and the only person I fail is me.  Katie at Runs for Cookies wrote an amazing post about motivation/determination, and I have to admit, it’s totally 100% bang on the mark for me. 

Our church

Our church

In other news, wedding news specifically, Father Stephen has been in touch about a marriage preparation course.  M and I are attending on 23rd February.  I’m not really sure what to expect – maybe things like what are our thoughts on having children?  How would you resolve any issues?  He also sent us some information about the church service and what our options are.  He would like to see us to discuss this at some point.  We’re quite set in what we both want (M isn’t too fussed about the readings and would like to pick the hymns more), and I think I know what I want for the processional.  It will be handy to know when Father Stephen needs all this information though.  And lastly, on the wedding news front, my best friend who emigrated to Montana (and got married last week), has confirmed that she’ll be coming back for my wedding.  I’m so pleased – I had been telling myself she wouldn’t be able to make it, as I know Americans don’t get as much vacation time as we do, but that news made my week.  I have told her to keep an eye out for potential bridesmaid’s dresses and email me pictures of ones she likes.

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6 thoughts on “Mixed bag of running, weigh ins and wedding

  1. #blushes thanks for the namecheck and for joining me in the Fab Ab stakes :-). Its nice that you and Hiddenbeloved are keeping me company, even if it involves us all being in pain :-S
    Well done on the weight loss, it may seem neverending but its such a great feeling as you reach and pass your targets.
    Church looks stunning! Sounds like you have your big day well in hand 🙂

    • Thank you! And you are very welcome! I must confess to not doing day 1 yesterday (I know, rubbish!), but I will today after spinning.

      • after much grunting and cursing and with a stop in the middle I managed todays 7 press-ups.
        Hope you managed yours OK

        • I can’t do push ups. I’ve had to resort to girly push ups. Where are you upper body strength?! Plank wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be though. Well done on 7 push ups!

          • well done on your plank, I know you were a bit nervous about it. keep up the good work.
            I found that rowing has massively helped with upper body strength and shapes shoulders nicely. Until I broke my rowing machine I used to do a 15min session after I got up 4 days a week. Works wonders.

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