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Post Spin Ramble


I don’t know what is wrong today, but I have spent the entire day struggling to concentrate for longer than about 5 minutes.  I have been sleeping really badly all week too.  I do suffer from anxiety and depression, though lately I’ve been doing really well and haven’t been too affected.  I am wondering if I’m anxious about something, which is causing the sleep deprivation and inability to concentrate.  Unfortunately, it’s not something obvious, so I shall probably have to do some midrift contemplation (though actually, running seems quite good for this too).

My milk intolerance is rearing its head rather spectacularly at the moment (I only had a bit in my tea!), so I’m back to dairy free for a bit longer.  Food wise, I haven’t been meticulous in counting my syns, but I do know that I haven’t been too bad.  I will probably need to complete a food diary next week though, just to make sure I’m not fooling myself.

It was spinning class today.  I have to admit that I was dreading it.  It was my 45 minutes of hell that I would have to endure before dinner.  As usual, I made it out to be far worse in my head than it actually was.  I won’t go so far as to say I had a good time, but it was enjoyable (in so far as the aching leg muscles was quite pleasant).  I know, I’m odd.

Meanwhile, I am thoroughly looking forward to Season 3 of Game of Thrones, and found this trailer for you…

Author: Steph

Blogger learning to live a healthier life, losing weight and starting to run.

4 thoughts on “Post Spin Ramble

  1. Ooooh, GoT #cantwait. Unfortunately, as a slave to Virginmedia who don’t have Sky Atlantic I shall have to resort to more creative methods to see it. The last 2 series have been great and cant wait for season 3. Roll on 1st April
    Caught up with Spartacus yet? 🙂

    • Tell me about it! Sadly, we don’t have Sky (or Virgin) so rely on it being available through Xbox Live instead. M is telling me that we definitely finished watching s2, but I don’t remember it. Have you read the books? I’m on the second, and loving them! Nooo not caught up with Spartacus. I will be massively behind and only catch up when it’s on DVD (and then I shall make M endure a Spartacus marathon). There can never be too many loin cloths and oiled abs in a woman’s life.

      • Read all the GoT books thus far and love them. Just don’t get tooattached to any character incase George RR Martin kills them off.
        With you on the oiled abs and loincloth front :-). I mention this to the BF and I get ‘the look’.

        • You’re waaaay ahead of me then! I have temporarily put the second one down to read a book by one of my favourite authors.

          Yeah, M gives me the look too. Though he will look up and watch bits of it from time to time. He prefers that to my Tudors obsession! lol! Poor boy, he puts up with a lot! 🙂

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