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Running is a stress buster – who knew!?


After a fairly shocking day (hmm… no, week really), and with the weather as cold as it is, I did have to push myself out the door quite hard.

I’m glad I braved the 1°c to go out though.  I started Week 5 today, and the task was a welcome break from some fairly miserable thoughts.  I ran for 15 minutes, which is actually 1 minute less than my run earlier this week, but I ran for 5 full minutes each stint this time.  I’m quite proud of myself actually.

It wasn’t too hard, but my Garmin registered my slowest average pace to date.  I am wondering whether it is because it couldn’t lock onto a satellite when I first went out (as I live in a built up area, I tend to wait on a corner while it locks on, but it was too cold to stand still today).

Anyway, only a short one to let you know I am now officially on to Week 5!

Author: Steph

Blogger learning to live a healthier life, losing weight and starting to run.

5 thoughts on “Running is a stress buster – who knew!?

  1. I wouldn’t worry about slowling down. Its just you adjusting to doing longer stints. It will come back and at this point psychologically its better to finish the session and get the ‘i did it’ high 🙂
    Well done

  2. A sense of achievement lasts longer than the endorphins :-). I started c25k in November and graduated in Jan, I still get a buzz from thinking about all the little triumphs along the way.
    Tried running with a buddy yet, another great way to motivate and make runs more entertaining?

    • I was pretty chuffed to get through my 2 x 8 min runs yesterday – so agree on the achievement front! How’s your B210k plan going? Are you recovered from buggyness? No, no running buddies – no one I know really runs (and the one who did moved to Cornwall, and does ultras and the like – bit beyond me!). I quite like being on my own, it allows me to cuss more when the going gets tough! 🙂

      • yay, you’re doing really well! I’m still stuck on 3×15 as this cold has pretty much shrivelled my lungs. Hoping to get out in the next day or two, but quietly going mad without exercise 😦
        as you run further you could maybe join a local running club and find someone to cuss with 🙂

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