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Somedays, I rock!


I rock!  Even if I do say so myself!!

What did I rock?  I rocked Week 5 Run 3.  Yeah – you are looking at a Tub who ran for 20 minutes in one hit!  Yes, it was slow, and yes, I didn’t realise how long 20 minutes was, but who cares!  I did it!!

I am just about coming down from my high of WOOOO I ran a decent length of time, having stuffed myself full of lasagne.  M makes a beautiful lasagne.  He is in fact the King of Lasagne.  It’s even Slimming World friendly lasagne.

The other amazing culinary delight I tried today was Slimming World Hifi Peanut cereal bar.  I have a real thing for nutty based products right now.  I have to be so careful opening a jar of peanut butter.  It’s the same with Nutella.  It’s very chewy, so lasts a lot longer than a normal cereal bar, and it feels naughty.  But it isn’t – that’s the beauty!

I also lost another 1lb today.  If I hadn’t just run for 20 minutes, I may have been disappointed.  It’s another 1.5lbs to get to my 2.5 stone, so I am confident I will see that next week.  I don’t think, if I am being honest, I have been too great on the food this week.  That’s not to say I have gone totally off the rails, but I haven’t been too careful.  It’s time to dust off a food diary and get recording.

And off to bed I go!

Author: Steph

Blogger learning to live a healthier life, losing weight and starting to run.

6 thoughts on “Somedays, I rock!

  1. Well done 20 mins is great going. if you can do.this you will finish the rest of c25k 🙂
    Yes, you totally rock!

    • Thank you! I remembered what you said about it being a mental thing, and just kept telling myself that I could do it, and you had done it, so it was doable! Woo yeah!!!

  2. double well done as you were running longer than I was today 🙂

    Just think, if you run half as long again that’s your c25k done! Tantalizingly in reach now isn’t it 🙂

    • That means you’re out and about again then? It is getting closer now – it’s great! I am thinking about trying the Killerton Park Run when the ground is a bit less watery (and when I can run a reasonable 5k).

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