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Feb’s monthly round up


After biscuitgate, I seem to have fared quite well at my weigh in today (total fluke, which I’ll probably pay for next week).  I lost 2.5lbs.  This has taken me over my 2.5 stone award.

More importantly, it’s the monthly round up, where I get to see my month’s work.

Over the last month, I have lost 6lbs (ok, no great shakes), I am 30% of the way ‘there’, and I’m another 7.5 inches off.   I have also gone down a dress size.

I haven’t managed to take another photo this month, so it’ll have to wait now.  I’m not sure how much of a visible change there would be anyway.

Author: Steph

Blogger learning to live a healthier life, losing weight and starting to run.

5 thoughts on “Feb’s monthly round up

  1. woohoo, well done! Told you biscuitgate wouldn’t result in a catastrophe. Keep up the good work throughout March 🙂

    Is it worth ‘thinking’ about a local 5k event for say May/June time as you will have finished c25k by then and had time to work on getting comfortable doing 5k and speeding up? Are there any parkruns near you?

    • Thanks 🙂 Yep, I think the C25k is the first ever thing I will have finished (exercise wise)! Double WOO! My local parkrun is in Killerton, which is all trail, so I think I’ll need to try and get some trail runs in at some point before I try that (I’d like to go trail anyway, just to give my knees a rest). The local 5ks all tend to be quite quick, so I am thinking that perhaps the Castle Combe 10k might be a doable race in August (figuring if I try the 5ks and get some parkruns in from April to May, then step up to a B210k in May/June). Have you done any parkruns?

      • not yet. My local is Southwick and is 9 miles away. It would be easy if I didn’t spend weekends the the BFs, which is 30 the in tge wrong direction. Really want to do one, so will have to bit the bullet in April and do one when Im back from hols.
        Great plan for stepping up to longer distances btw. Good to keep you focussed on a range of short, medium and long term goals. You’re right, you do rock 🙂

  2. Well done! 6 lbs doesn’t sound much but you are losing lots of inches. It take me absolutely forever to go down a dress size! A lady I started with has gone from a 24 to a 14 and although I’ve lost more weight I’m still in a 20!

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