Tub on the Run

Doing “a Kenny”


It’s sooooo cold!

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I’ve been back from my 2nd run of Week 7 (another 25 minuter) for about a hour, and I am still freezing.  I have actually resorted to doing a Kenny…

Kenny Tub

Can you get frostbite of the thigh?

The run, aside from being freezing, wasn’t too bad.  I think I managed to run a bit quicker again, though Garmin said differently.  But then Garmin didn’t actually kick in until about 5 minutes into my run.

I’ve had some other successes today.  My low feeling after bridesmaid dress internet hunting was resolved today,  I found the same dress as my sister’s in another Coast store, and it’s being shipped to me tomorrow.  Hurrah!  I have a full (ish) compliment of dresses now.

I’m not feeling particularly hopeful for weighing in tomorrow.  This week, I have been totally off the rails for food.  I’ve been trying to think why.  I suspect it’s a bit of brain type rebellion.  I have lost for 10 consecutive weeks, and I think my Inner Tub is just railing against the boundaries a bit and trying to have a bit of a week off.  That’s not too bad, and the intake hasn’t been too bingey so I’ve tried not to be too hard on myself and recognise that tomorrow morning will draw a line in the sand, and Tub will be back on track.


Author: Steph

Blogger learning to live a healthier life, losing weight and starting to run.

8 thoughts on “Doing “a Kenny”

  1. Hot bath for you dear. That and a hot orange squash or similar to warm yourself up.
    Well done you on getting out there in the cold, I feel your pain, and slogging through 25 mins. If you can do that in the cold and the wind you’ll have no trouble with the 28 and 30 min runs.

    • Thanks Nev! I swear my legs have fallen off somewhere – it’s so cold! We’ve had a bit of snow, but it hasn’t settled, so it wasn’t all bad!

      • Just hope its warmed up by your next run. would hate to put you off when you’ve got this far 🙂

        Luckily nothing settled here either, just listening to the wind howling outside :-(.

        • Thanks! It seems marginally warmer today, so I am going to try and get back on track today (I’m a day out).
          How’s life “up country” today? Still windy?

          • I love the idea that Somerset is ‘up country’. Nice :-). I suppose its all relative.

            wind has died down a lot here, its just damn cold! I’ve just got back from a 4 mile pootle (she says casually, all James Bond like) and am coming to you live from a hot bath.

            My muscles love me, not!

  2. haha! you *are* the north (from here at least!). Enjoy your bath! I need to have a muscle soak this week.
    So have you been out twice today?

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