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A Reminiscent Soggy Tub


It is blowing a gale again, and absolutely hammering down with rain.  On to Week 8 I trekked.  That’s a 28 minute run, and it’s surprising how much difference 3 minutes make.  I started off my run with my Garmin actually syncing pretty quickly for a change.  Lately it’s been ridiculously slow, and I can’t work out why.  The run, aside from being freezing cold and very wet, went quite well, and I felt reasonable for the majority of it.  I remember, 8 weeks ago, on a freezing Friday night, where it was raining harder than it is tonight, I decided to be a bit brave and head out into the night.  I enjoyed my first run, and now like looking back at the times since then – I’m now running, unbroken for 28 minutes, covering more than a kilometer more, and have shaved 2 minutes off the average pace.

The final three minutes I struggled with though.  I had to get the mental strategies out.  I didn’t dust off The Dory (by that point, my pace was so slow, it wouldn’t have worked, speaking Whale would have been more appropriate), but I did have to work lamp post to lamp post.

The end result was 4.66k in 39:56 mins, so an average pace of 8:34 minute ks.  I’m pretty pleased with that.  5k is a reachable target (though I suspect I am looking at a time of 43 minutes currently).

Steady on Tub, there is a good chance that you might actually finish a running plan at this rate!  What should I do to celebrate?

In other news, I am looking at becoming a Foodie Penpal.  I saw the badge on 111lbs’ blog, and then saw that there is a UK version at Rock Salt.  I love the idea of this, and I’m hoping that I’ll be in for April.  I’m just waiting to hear back.

Finally, M and I have been invited to his cousin’s wedding.  I have a dress in mind, but I don’t know if it fits.  I am hoping that if it doesn’t, it will shortly.  I do feel a new shoes occasion coming on though!

Author: Steph

Blogger learning to live a healthier life, losing weight and starting to run.

7 thoughts on “A Reminiscent Soggy Tub

  1. That is BRILLIANT! Well done for getting out there in this horrid weather and for the distance you are covering. Seriously impressed.
    In all honesty if you can do 28mins you can do 30. So, if I were you I’d use the time to get used to the mental side of running for longer and maybe pushing slightly harder. You are going to finish this programme and I think you’ll be delighted with the results.
    As for a treat, a girl can never have too many shoes 🙂

    • Thanks 🙂 It’s good to have you here – a couple of months ahead of me so I know what I’m getting into!! 🙂

      Ah shoes… I need to get thinking about matching shoes for the dress I am planning on wearing. Otherwise, I’m feeling a splurge in Lush, in addition to some running stuff (new trainers and a t-shirt).

      • I like Lush, just find it hard to breathe in the shop as its overpowering 🙂

        mmmmmmm, shoes……….#drool. I’m an internet shoe shopper as its easier to cover a lot more ground. Big fan of Fly London and Iron Fist shoes, although the latter are a bit high for me.

        • I’m an Irregular Choice girl, or Kurt Geiger. Wedding shoes are blue suede Nine Wests. Ah, who am I kidding, I love nearly all shoes. Except gladiator sandals. I don’t get them.
          Did you treat yourself when you completed C25K?

          • oooh, all of the above are divine 🙂

            Strangely I haven’t treated myself, didn’t really occur to me to do it at the time. I know, madness! However, I am having bikini campaign mk2 tomorrow – need new ones for hols.

            Thinking about it, something new and saucy may be warranted for the photoshoot in May 🙂

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