Tub on the Run

Spotted – Tub on the run!


A terrible thing has happened.  I have been recognised whilst out on the run.  I wouldn’t have minded if the sighting had happened early in my run, but it was 5 minutes from the end.  I’d like to think that I looked gazelle-like and graceful, but suspect I looked more like a scarlet faced, lumbering hippopotamus (can hippopotami turn a shade of beetroot red?).  I still lapped everyone sat on the sofa though, so I don’t feel too bad. 

It was a tough run last night.  I had to kick myself out the door pretty hard.  It had been a really long, and pretty deflating day.  M and I had rushed up to mother-in-law’s on Saturday, as it was future-stepfather-in-law’s birthday.  It was a bit hectic on Saturday, with chores etc, then we had to head up to mother-in-law’s (she lives about an hour and a bit away).  She wanted us to come up for the Wales-England rugby match – we arrived late, and had a frosty reception.  I personally didn’t see too much of an issue – the match was still on, she hadn’t put food on, and we weren’t going to the pub to watch it.  Instead, we sat in a different living room, on an uncomfortable sofa, and watched it on a smaller TV than our own.  After the game, we headed out with the grandparents-in law too for an Indian.  It was a nice enough meal, though the restaurant was really noisy and it was difficult to hold a conversation.  We were late to bed on Saturday, and had to be up early yesterday morning for the marshals’ training day at Castle Combe.  The training didn’t go so well, and I felt very flat, which is unusual for me as I’m a real fan of Combe.  The training involved a scenario for a major incident, but there were so many of us, we couldn’t all be involved, so some of us (including me) were “spectators”.  That basically meant stand around, freezing in the snow and sleet, watching the others do stuff for nearly 3 hours.  Not pleasant.

Disclaimer - no dummies were hurt in this scenario exerciseFrom the "spectator's"  point of view

Disclaimer – no dummies were hurt in this scenario exercise
From the “spectator’s” point of view

I digress… Combined with the lasting cold from the morning, plus a busy weekend, I really wasn’t fancying a 28 minute slog.  I promised myself that if I got to 20 minutes, then I could come home.  Needless to say, I reached 20 minutes, then 28 minutes and decided to stop about 30 seconds later than Laura said to stop (I WAS going to make it to that next lamppost).  I walked home, ran a very hot bath, and let my muscles soak.  I’m finding that this penultimate week is really beginning to make my thigh muscles sore – outer thigh muscles specifically.  I suspect a foam roller will be an imminent purchase.

Thankfully it is pay day next Monday, and I have run out of bath bombs, so I will be heading to Lush on the Easter weekend to buy some more treats.

Author: Steph

Blogger learning to live a healthier life, losing weight and starting to run.

6 thoughts on “Spotted – Tub on the run!

  1. That session at Combe sounded hard going, The cold will really sap your strength if your not actively involved in doing something. Hopefully your marshall training didn’t suffer too much for it?

    On the running front, get you girl. Obviously trying to be ‘Laura’s pet’ by doing extra, mmmmhmmmm. Seriously though, really well done on sticking it out despite wanting to stop. That’s some great mental toughness there!

    As for being recognised, eeeeek. I feel your terror. Although next time you see the person, you can casually drop into conversation that you’d already done 25mins and watch them goggle at your stamina :-). I find most people I talk to at work are horrified by running over 10 mins. Be cool, be calm, you are a runner 🙂

    • The training was ok, it just felt all a bit flat after that. Nevermind. I dare say we’ll get enough practice in over the next few months!
      Haha – “pet”! As if. When she says “you’re half way through, you can consider changing your speed, but remember it’s about the distance”, I get the feeling she means I could go faster. I try to keep the same speed, but inevitably get slower. Poop.

      Sadly, the friend is my bridesmaid, and is married to M’s best man, who is one of the most disgustingly fit people I know, and is placed at podium level in duathlons and tris… But she knows how fat and unfit I am, so I think she was mildly impressed when I dropped into conversation last night that she probably witnessed me at about 23 minutes in.

      Next Tuesday will be my last run of Week 9 – OMG I really may be a runner then!!! 🙂

  2. So funny! I hate seeing people when I’m out running as well. I am a big time sweater, not pretty. Way to go keeping up the workouts!

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