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Whether to post…


I have been wondering whether to post.  I haven’t done much over the last couple of days, and that’s kind of the reason I don’t want to post.  But, life isn’t plain sailing, and ultimately I have started this blog for some public accountability.

A quick recap – last week was rubbish.  I had an awful week at work, felt tired, started getting a sore throat, had to change my new shoes, and didn’t manage to run.  At all.  The 5 minutes before my feet went numb on Tuesday don’t count.  I made it to kettlebells though, so I haven’t been a complete sloth.

Food wise.  Well, that’s been even worse.  Talk about going completely off the boil!  I hadn’t eaten well at work, we hadn’t eaten well at night.  I’m an emotional eater, and this week left me drained so I “comforted” myself with stupid foods.  Add into the mix a murder mystery evening with my mum and sister (involving a 3 course dinner – nice, but not exactly low in calories), and this truly has been an “off plan” kind of week.

I am annoyed at myself still, so I am going to be making a list of food for next week and sticking stadfastly to it.  My sister came over this morning and we got talking about budgets, including food budgets.  I don’t like to waste my food, but I have that realisation that actually, I have a reasonable amount of wasted food from last week.  I may as well have thrown the money straight into the bin.  Silly girl.

I’m planning on some tasty, easy meals (this week threatens to be shoddy too in the worklife stakes), including some camping friendly food for the weekend.  Shopping trip is planned for tomorrow.

We’re off camping this weekend coming, so I’ll need to get my brain in gear for what to take.  I cannot go through this month without breaking into the next stone barrier, and camping cannot hold me back.  On the thought of camping, I’m hoping that I may have made life easier on myself, as I bought a  power lead so we can have electricity in the tent – that means heating!  We’ll need it, as it is still very cold at night, and isn’t showing signs of getting warmer.

I’m off to one of my bridemaid’s houses now to talk wedding planning and drop her dress to her.


Author: Steph

Blogger learning to live a healthier life, losing weight and starting to run.

11 thoughts on “Whether to post…

  1. If in doubt-post!! (PS Parkrun back at Killerton House next week)

    • I may make my debut on 27th. I could chance 20th, but as I don’t know what time I’d be making, I could be late for M’s suit fitting in Exeter. Yep… book me in for 27th! 🙂 I’ll have to register shortly.

  2. You know from visiting blog, that I am a firm believer in public accountability! Don’t let the missed steps, just focus on the big picture. You have a wedding coming up! Think positive, you can do it.

  3. Fab news. I will be marshalling that day but madam will be running and will be around at the end for cake so make sure you stay on.

  4. Gutted, I would have liked to joined you on that Park run. I’m in Exeter that weekend, but its my friends 40th the night before and the chance of me being hangover free is precisely nil. An evening of food, drinkies and dancing at Mama Stones is planned.
    Would have been great to meet up

    • That’s a shame Nev! Let me know when you’re next down on a weekend and we’ll do parkrun together. I’ve never been to Mama Stones, but heard it’s very good. And of course, hurrah for drinks! Exeter really does need a good cocktail bar.

      • Problem is that I go to Exeter to visit my friend and her kids (my minions – a la Despicable Me). We tend to have lie ins when I go there, which I really look forward to.
        I’ll mention it next time I’m down (that doesn’t involve a major birthday) 🙂

  5. Fair enough. I have to admit to being one to cherish lie ins too, but I do waste a reasonable portion of my Saturdays in doing so, so I am thinking parkruns could be a good thing from that point too.

  6. It’s always tough to have a difficult week. Give yourself some credit for at least recognizing that you made some not-so-great choices. I’ve found when I give in for a week like that I end up regretting it and then it helps to motivate me for the next. Just treat it as a bump in the road and move on! Nobody’s perfect!

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