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Tub’s Random Saturday


I’ve had to sit down.  Physically, standing and moving is increasingly painful.  Yep, that would be me suffering, still, after kettlebells on Thursday.  I actually had to get M to try and massage the muscles with his elbow to try and break down the knots.  Who’d have thought you could have knots in your bum muscles…  Well, I can assure you that you definitely can, and it hurts!  I saw N (who I exercise with, and who is my bridesmaid), and thankfully she is hurting too (thankfully in so far as I can at least know that it’s not just me!).

Breakfast was a bowl of porridge, with a tbsp of peanut butter and a tsp of honey.  Tasty!  Prior to my breakfast, I hopped on the scales to see if my morning weight had changed much (I know, you shouldn’t weigh more than once a week, and it should be at the same time of day, but I’m nosy!).  I’ve been lingering close to the 15 stone bracket for a few days, but I haven’t quite managed to get there.  This morning I did it!  I broke into the next stone, and clocked in at 15st 12.6lbs!  Scale win!

When we got to Exeter, we were welcomed by an orchestra of bells.  M and I are wondering what on earth was going on – there seemed to be hundreds of Morris dancers in the city.  Wherever there was a flat space, they were there.  It makes me smile, Exeter’s got such weird and random (but good) things sometimes.  While we waited for N and J (J is M’s best man), I enjoyed the different dances and took a couple of photos:

IMG-20130420-00146 IMG-20130420-00148

We met my dad, J and N, as we had an appointment for a suit fitting for our wedding.  It went really well, the boys looked awesome, and bless my dad, I couldn’t help but smile because he looked really good (my dad tends to live in well worn jeans and jumpers because of his work, so it’s rare that we see him all dressed up).  M, J and Dad rocked it.  I took a couple of pictures and sent them to M’s family so they could see.  We’ve picked some great colours, and I really am impressed.  I also thought the suit hire was quite reasonable too.

Following the suit shopping, we headed to Marks and Spencers and went on the hunt for shoes.  Another win – all three managed to agree on shoes, and all their sizes were available.  I got a funny look from the cashier, having presented him with three different sized pairs of the same style shoes, then he smiled and asked if it was wedding shopping.  I couldn’t help but beam – our wedding has seemed so far off, then suddenly it all seems to be hitting home.

N and I headed to a department store (passing a man doing the limbo on the way – quite impressed by how low he got!), and tried on random hats (I don’t know why, I’m oddly drawn to hats, even though I rarely wear them).  I also tried a wedding dress on while the boys went to get coffee.  I looked pretty awful, which has spurred me on to make sure I fit into the dress I bought last year.  However, it’s good to know there are back up options out there, just in case.

We parted company and headed home.  We headed back too late really, as I was meant to drop my mum home, but time just ran away and I let Mum down (sorry Mum, if you’re reading!).  After wolfing down my salad for lunch, I headed up to my parents’ house so I could dog sit.  Floss, the dog, likes company, and Mum was off out with a friend.  Upon letting myself in, I was greeted by a bald hindquartered dog…  See how impressed she is…

IMG-20130420-00154Poor Floss.  I thought Mum had taken the trimming scissors to her (Floss has been getting itchy, and Mum likes to “help” by cutting fur… the cats, or the dog, no matter!  It did used to be mine and my sister’s fringes at one point, so when we left home, there really was little hope for the animals).  Needless to say, it’s a bit of a running family joke.  Anyway, upon closer inspection, I decided that Mum must have asked the dog wash people to trim Floss’s rear, as it was far too tidy for Mum’s attempt.

Floss mooched around after me for a bit, before settling when I loaded the computer up to blog.

So yes, it’s been a random day of wedding suits, a wedding dress, Morris dancers, limboers (not sure what to call people that limbo), a shaved dog, and now for a chilled out afternoon.  Am I exercising today?  No, I can barely walk, but I am going up to Dartmoor with friends tomorrow (weather permitting), and have agreed with myself that I shall run tomorrow evening come hell or high water.


Author: Steph

Blogger learning to live a healthier life, losing weight and starting to run.

5 thoughts on “Tub’s Random Saturday

  1. Congratulations on the weight victory! I weigh in tomorrow and am seriously dreading it. You’ve done great! Keep it up.

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  3. I love that exhausted from being outside and active feeling too. Nothing beats the arrival of spring after a long, dark winter.

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