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Celebrating 3 stone gone


After a tough day at work, M and I headed out for a run before Slimming World.  M decided to do week 1 of Couch to 5k again.  I decided not to run with him, but just try to get a 20 minute run in.  I failed.  Frustratingly, I don’t know why I seem to be unable to maintain a good running pace and breathe when I go out with M.  I’m not blaming him, as it isn’t anything to do with him really.  I think it is more that there is a larger amount of pavement traffic around when we go out together.  Instead of being able to focus on the actual act of running, I’m busy dodging people, checking that I can dodge people without inadvertently knocking a cyclist down by trespassing on their cycle lane, and attempting not to sound like a horrendous wheezy steam train on my way past.  I am going to find a different route to try instead of getting all blah about it.

On to the good news…  Post-run, I headed to my Slimming World group for my weigh in.  I hit my 3 stone award exactly.  I am really pleased, and just wanted to take some time to have a quick reflection on where I am and how I feel:

  • I can walk places and hold a conversation very easily, walking at a decent pace too.
  • I can run.  I never thought I’d be able to say that.
  • I have met some lovely people and made new friends through my Slimming World group.
  • I eat plenty of food.  Nothing is banned, and I’m still learning about moderation.
  • My clothes are getting too big.
  • My mood is pretty good most of the time, and my depression seems to be lying low a lot of the time.
  • I’m probably the fittest I have ever been (in terms of cardiovascular fitness).

Another 3 stone, and I’ll be back to the weight I was when I first started going out with M back in late 2008.  Here’s hoping the next 3 stone disappear quickly (but not too quickly).

In other news, I tried to give blood today, but got turned away as they were running behind, so I will make a proper appointment for the next session.

Author: Steph

Blogger learning to live a healthier life, losing weight and starting to run.

14 thoughts on “Celebrating 3 stone gone

  1. Well done on the three gone

  2. Serious congratulations- that’s a lot of hard work and determination right there!

  3. 3 stone is fantastic, congratulations! x

  4. Congrats! Stay focused and keep up the good work.

  5. Hey Tub, well done dear. Its amazing how much difference 3 stone makes, you can feel like a total different person.
    I know you’ll keep up the good work, so it’ll be interesting to see how you feel in 6 months looking back on this post having lost more 🙂

    • Thanks Nev 🙂 How’s the knee and Frome training?

      • going to physio tomorrow. currently still swelling up, even doing week 1 of c25k is a killer 😦
        currently having issues with WP as I cant add images to a draft post. Grrrrr

        • I had issues with WP recently too in the draft area. Stupid thing. Pesky pesky knee! Have you tried aqua running? I’m sure I read somewhere that it was really good for injured peeps.

          • Other than a little walking I haven done anything. I really should get out and try something. I might be less grumpy.
            On the plus side I can see why you like Slimming World, I’m finding it v easy to keep to. lost 2.5lb last week and weigh in is tomorrow 🙂

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