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Sunday Long Run


I’ve mapped out my long run, calculating it to be just over 3 miles.  That is considered my long run on Week 1 of the Hal Higdon plan.  It is comforting to know that I have run nearly that distance this week, but also at the end of Couch to 5k.  I’ve decided not to introduce hills into this run, and I’ll be doing a familiar route along the beach.  I’m mentally gearing up to the herds of grockles (read: Devonian for tourists), and this may not be the easiest run I ever do for this factor alone (dodging people always seems to take a fair amount of effort).  I’ll have a look at some other local routes when I have the time to do so.

Yesterday was a cross (training) day.  As I had gone out for dinner (and ate far, far too much) on Friday, I didn’t get the allocated 30 minutes of cross in, so I bolted it on to yesterday’s workout (40 minutes cross).  I met my friend from Slimming World in the local park, which has an urban gym for anyone and everyone to use.  She’s used all of the equipment before, so I was shown the ropes.  Some of the machines/props I couldn’t use – hurdles (I am paranoid about falling over and smacking my teeth out on the next hurdle, even though I was assured I’d have to be travelling at some speed to do that), so I did a round of squats, stepping over the hurdles, then lunges, then star jumps.  The star jumps were annoying, as my trousers kept falling down.  I also couldn’t do a pull up.  I can live with that.  An hour and a half later, we were done, having put the world to rights, Helen getting poohed on by a seagull, and me getting slobbered on by a friendly Retriever.

Post-shower, M and I headed in to town, met friends for lunch, then mooched around for a bit.  There’s a new greengrocers just opened, and I got a huge amount of fruit and veg for less than £10.  I was very impressed.


After decanting the haul, we headed off to the library.  I haven’t been to our local library for many years, so signed myself up for a library card then moved towards the health section.  The lady who does my nails/waxing etc recommended the Dukan diet.  She was really pushing it, saying how well it had worked for her.  I will freely admit that I am very sceptical about anything that cuts out major food groups for periods of time, and then says you can have “celebration meals” twice a week (of whatever food you want) later.  I am not thinking of abandoning the Slimming World ship, but I just fancied seeing what it was all about.  To no avail though – the library didn’t have the book there anyway.  Instead, I picked up a book on yoga.  Reading the Moving Muncher’s recent post on meditation, I have thought that I need to work more yoga into my schedule, but I’m not able to make the local class (as it clashes with my Slimming World group).  This book (Everyone Try Yoga) is pretty good, has some familiar sequences that I think I can pick up again with relative ease.

Today, aside from my run, is filled with M’s cousin’s wedding.  I am not terribly excited about going, as I haven’t seen them for over 3 and a half year, it has seemed a bit of a cock up and encompasses some of my own personal wedding dos and don’ts (do make sure you put the right time on the invite, and do let people know if it’s changed other than relying on one person to tell one side of the family; don’t ask for sterling – foreign currency for honeymoon, yes.  Sterling, no.  Don’t uninvite family at the last minute – it’s poor form).  However, I’m sure it will be a lovely day (the weather’s certainly good for it), and it will be nice to catch up with some of the family that we don’t see all that often.

Finally, I’m sure you’ll be relieved to hear that, after my spray tan, I have returned to a normal colour, and look lightly tanned now.  Much exfoliation has happened to achieve this look.  I also owe some slimming statistics for April but I’ve lost my tape measure, so I’ll be hunting for that too…  Cue a photo and stats update.

Author: Steph

Blogger learning to live a healthier life, losing weight and starting to run.

8 thoughts on “Sunday Long Run

  1. just for a second I thought you were trying to attribute this months weight loss to the post tan exfoliation and ended up in a fit of the giggles. Sorry, must pay more attention when reading 🙂
    Hope the wedding went well and that after the bride you were the most ‘oooh’d’ woman there (as in ‘ooh doesn’t she look lovely’)

    • haha! I’m sure sloughing off skin could work… actually that’s gross. Plus, the spray tan may weigh a lot (and clearly that’s what I shall blame the inevitable gain this week, nothing to do with the wedding food at all).

      I had a fair few comments about my legs looking nice in heels, which was lovely.

  2. I’m petrified of hurdles too! Mainly in fear of painful shins 🙂 Glad you have a smart outlook on food as I think you’re right, having a lifetime of ‘rules’ in a diet will never hold forever. Glad to hear the legs are also turning back to normal, hehe 😉

  3. Oh I wish there was an urban gym by me! Sounds like a new and interesting way to torch a few calories.
    As for the spray tan. I get one every now and then and I find that this product called an accelerator does wonders. They add it straight to the color bottle and it makes the tan go on more evenly, more natural, and dries tons quicker. Just in case you ever want to give it a go again 🙂

    • It was definitely one of my more interesting workouts, that’s for sure! The best bit is that your using your own weight as the weight (though that’s not a good thing in my case! :-))

      I’ll look out for the accelerator, just in case I do brave it again in the future. I think I may try it again, the closer we get to our Cyprus holiday.

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