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Cross Training Saturday


Firstly – thank you to those who commented on my last post, which was, upon reading it in the cold light of (the) day (after), it came across as a very whiny post.  It wasn’t really intended to be like that, but hey ho.

Today was a cross training day.  I headed out to the park with my friend to have an urban gym session.  Last week, we didn’t walk all the way up to the car park at the top.  Today, we made that mistake.  Right at the top was a PT boot camp scary circuits instructor screaming at  instructing his Saturday morning class.  He is completely, 100%, a drill sergeant.  His physique definitely looked ex-Marine.  We tried to walk past quickly, but he spotted us.  He then invited us to join them.  Graciously, we declined (last week, they had to jump up onto a bench, several times, with their arms folded, run around the park about 20 times and all manner of other things, and that was just the snippets we saw!).  He did stalk us around the park though, making sure one of us was doing something while the other was on a machine.  In the back of my head though, I was thinking “yes, one day, I will join you”.  Just not while I weigh about 3 times what the average participant does.

After my shower and some food, I mooched around town and spoke to a man about a new phone.  I am unsure what exactly it is that I want from my phone, and I have a while to upgrade, so I will wait it out I think.  We also shopped at the new greengrocers again.  They had strawberries this time.  I’ve just washed them off and stuck them in the fridge with half a punnet of grapes, ready for me to snack on when I want them.  The other thing I did, which I am trying following my Slimming World group’s recommendation, was to freeze washed grapes.  Apparently they are really good, though I am not too convinced right now.

We’re off to mother-in-law’s in a bit, as she is making moussaka (she rocks cooking moussaka).  I then have a Spartacus marathon planned tomorrow, as M has very kindly bought me War of the Damned.  Oh yeah, and a run tomorrow.  My long run.  I’m actually quite looking forward to it, as it will be my first ever run longer than 5k (it’s a 3.5 mile run), so not only will I be going further than a Tub has ever gone before, but I’ll also have a good idea of my 5k time.  I’ve just got to think of a suitable route – not one full of people who walk 5 abreast and won’t squish in for me, therefore forcing me onto the road.


Author: Steph

Blogger learning to live a healthier life, losing weight and starting to run.

2 thoughts on “Cross Training Saturday

  1. I can get very narky with passers-by on my runs – why take up the whole width of the path when they’re only talking in 2s… if you’re a couple why can’t you walk closer together… why wont they move even slightly out the way when they can seem me coming towards them… hehe! Those boot camp things do look scary but I do also get a bit of envy as I reckon it’s a good sort of pain and must feel exhilarating after! Enjoy the moussaka (mmm!) and good luck for the run lovely!

  2. My solution for rude, non-sidewalk sharing passers-by is to keep running until you’re face to face with them. Then look them dead in the eye while you continue to jog in place. Guess who’s running breath wins every time?

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