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A PB Long Run


So, how was your weekend?  Good?  Great!  Mine was great too!  I PB’d, not once, but twice.  Ok, technically one isn’t exactly a normal PB, but I’m counting it. 

My long run, which I completed yesterday, called for a 3.5 mile run.  PB #1 was that I have never ever run 3.5 miles.  To say I was pleased was an understatement (though it is really only in the dawn of a new day that I can fully appreciate it).  PB #2 came in the form of a new time for a 5k.  I’d like to take a moment to recap.  I have entered three Race for Life 5ks in the past, but all have measured short of 5k, but seem accurate to 3miles.  My best time was my 2009 Winchester event, in which I clocked 41 minutes for 4.87km.  Not a true 5k, but I’ll take it.  Last night, as M dropped me off so I could run home, I set my Garmin to shout at 5k.  I got 38:24.  For me, that’s AMAZING!  I wasn’t feeling well in the run, and am carrying about 2.5 stone more than my 2009 attempt, so I am chuffed.

I’ve also had a look on the parkrun results for Killerton, and see that I would be at the back, but I wouldn’t be alone.  I’m trying to work out if I have anything on this weekend (and also trying to think of another way there that doesn’t involve getting stuck in county show traffic), as I could go.

The run itself wasn’t particularly pleasant.  M and I had stopped off for fish and chips at Darts Farm for lunch on the way home from mother-in-law’s.  It was probably the nicest fish I have ever had (battered anyway).  I thought I’d left plenty of time between eating and running (3.5 hours), but as soon as I started, I could feel the meal threatening to make a reappearance.  Thankfully it didn’t, though I felt nauseous for most of the run, and haven’t been so glad to get home for a long time. 

Tonight, the plan calls for a stretch and strength evening, which I shall call Zumba Tone.  It’s been ages since I went, but given that it is the boss’s birthday this week, and she’s bought in my body weight in cake, it hasn’t been a successful slimming day.  I’ll have to work extra hard tonight.

Well, hope you all had a great weekend too!   TTFN.


Author: Steph

Blogger learning to live a healthier life, losing weight and starting to run.

10 thoughts on “A PB Long Run

  1. Congrats! What’s your experience with garmins? I am tempted but the steep price tag has made me think I should definitely be sure before investing 😉 Which one do you have? And… parkrun sounds great!! Are you interested in doing any more races this summer?

    • I love my Garmin. I bought one many years ago, a Forerunner 101, and it looks much like I imagine an asbo tag to look like 🙂 but I do like it. I am asking for everyone to chip in for an upgrade to the 210 for my birthday, complete with HRM (as I want to know calories). If you like your stats, then I would definitely look to get one of the less expensive models (I think it’s the Forerunner 10) and see how you get on with it. You’d be welcome to borrow my old one if I do get my upgrade, but that won’t be for another couple of months yet. I’d love to do a race this summer, maybe August. I need to have a look into it! 🙂

      • Steph, that’s very sweet of you to offer (thank you 🙂 !) – if I’m still a running bunny when you make the switch I may just take you up on it 😉 ! Woohoo for races! ( I think… first one Sat!)

  2. I loved looking through your blog. Visit Sunshine Pen Pals. We have a blast! http://sunshinepenpals.blogspot.com/

  3. If you run Killerton parkrun then look out for Shazruns (shazruns.wordpress.com) who is lovely. As are parkruns.

  4. Hope to see you there today.

    • I failed – I didn’t make it past the traffic. I probably picked the wrong weekend to come out. It’ll be the first weekend in June now. Hope you had a nice run – definitely lovely weather for it!

    • I failed – I didn’t make it past the traffic. I probably picked the wrong weekend to come out. It’ll be the first weekend in June now. Hope you had a nice run – definitely lovely weather for it!

  5. Darn it first weekend in June I will be doing the parkrun in Chelmsford wont be back at Killerton till mid June. Hope to see you then.

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