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Time is flying by this week!


I can’t believe it is Thursday already – time really does seem to be galloping along this week.

Tuesday – my run went well, I was quite pleased with my running time as it is slowly getting more and more with each run.  Weigh in went ok too.  I gained half a pound, but I’m not too miffed.  Hormonal factors may play a part, but in all honesty, it’s likely to be the cake consumption on Monday (birthday in the office, never good for testing my willpower).  I also received my RoadID wristband.  Monica at Run Eat Repeat was talking about safety in a recent post, and it got me thinking about my safety too.  Thankfully I live in a nice part of the world and sinister goings on are less of a risk in comparison to our local council’s inability to maintain pavements (broken ankle?  Maybe.  Mugging?  Unlikely).  Either way, I now have identification on my run, just in case.  I got the purple one of these:


Just as a quick thought actually, I was really pleased with this – the band is really smooth and comfortable, it does up like a man’s watch and feels secure but light.  I was also impressed by the speed of delivery – from Kentucky in the States to Devon in the UK, it took about a week and a half – that’s quicker than some internal mail.

Wednesday – back on plan, following a strict talking to (delivered by me, to me) regarding the fact that lots of exercise/running does not mean that I can eat what I like, in whatever quantity I like.  I went to a law conference at Dartington Hall (gorgeous venue – high vaulted ceilings, huge arched windows, massive fireplaces), and ate very little as all that was on offer was curly stale sandwiches (mmm… yummy…. blurgh).  I should have gone out for a run, but decided against it (for hunger reasons) and watched Spartacus: War of the Damned instead.  I have to admit, I’m a little disappointed by this series of Spartacus.  It’s gone a little bit too much into the anti-hero territory for my personal liking.  Also, I am not a fan of Crixus with a beard, and Nevia has turned into a little witch.

That brings us to Thursday.  It’s technically my Friday today, as I have finally got a day off.  This is my first holiday since Christmas, and it couldn’t have come too soon.  Sadly, it is just one day I am off, but I have a week off soon.  It’s kettlebells tonight, and already I’m not feeling it, so I will have to have another stern word if I don’t scrape myself up later.

Tomorrow involves much mooching around with Mummy Tub, as we head off to the County Show.  Food/beer tent, here we come!  (Yes, yes, I know – moderation in the food tent).

Author: Steph

Blogger learning to live a healthier life, losing weight and starting to run.

8 thoughts on “Time is flying by this week!

  1. My friend from work is going to the Country Show too! We’re in Essex but he’s from Devon originally, and he’s taking his son back to the motherland for the first time. Have a great day and well done on eating cake and only gaining half a pound x

    • His son will love it! There’s so much to do for both adults and children. Despite the forecast rain, I plan to thoroughly enjoy myself and use my A on cheeses 🙂

  2. The ID bracelet is a great idea! (I’ve got one for Saturday’s race but it’s paper so not sure how long that’ll last 😉 ). It does give me some creepy morbid thoughts though – stuff like being run over or attacked in the woods (hopefully not, but I am in London afterall!)… How do you find kettlebells? I am tempted to try a class at my new gym!

    • I thought so. I usually tell M where I am going, but sometimes I deviate a little bit (not much), and because I’m so new to all of this, I’m never entirely sure how long it will take me. Oooh race day has snuck up really quickly! Good luck for it!! Are you going to do a write up on it? I have to confess to bunking off kettlebells in favour of a dreadmill run. I do like kettlebells, but be prepared to hurt a couple of days after your first class. Mentally I find it takes a bit, as I am not too coordinated, and the thought of a run was more appealing. Try it! Go on 🙂

      • Thanks Steph!! I hope to do a write up on it (provided that it isn’t a disaster… that said if it is I’m probably more like to write about it 😉 ) ! Thanks for the heads up on the kettlebells, think I’ll give them a bit of a bash – hopefully my clumsy fingers wont allow me to drop them on my toes, youch!

        • Hopefully you can take comfort from the fact that I haven’t yet dropped the kettlebell on myself (and neither has anyone in my class). Well, not yet anyway! 🙂 Good luck for tomorrow morning!!

  3. Liking the safety band- great idea.

    Definitely agree on the Spartacus front. I know they had to end the story, but somehow its just not been up to the other series. Personally, I think the problem is that they are wearing too much 🙂

    Good luck with your self restraint at the county show 🙂

    • haha! Yeah, you could be right on that one 🙂 It’s a good job I’ve got the other series on DVD to indulge in! #selfrestraintfail at the show! Ah well, tis but once a year 🙂

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