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Weigh in result


I’ve just had my tea, having come back from Slimming World this evening.


Tea was delicious!  It was a lot of veg, with meat and pasta.  It was also incredibly filling, and I risk slipping into a food coma right this very moment.

The day has been pretty good, food wise.  I had prepared lunch last night, breakfast was quickly thrown together (and the worst part of my food day), and I haven’t felt too hungry for the most part.  Breakfast was, what I thought, a healthy option.  A Dorset Cereals Honey Granola pot.  Yep, 18 syns.  That was 3 syns over my daily allowance in 75g.  Argh!  I haven’t eaten anything else in terms of syns today though, so while it’s not ideal, I am not beating myself up about it.

The foot is no better at all.  I had hoped that it might be getting a little better, but 4 days in and I’m still hobbling.  A couple of people have mentioned wearing insoles though, and I do have a pair somewhere (I’m just not entirely sure where).  I have failed in my Juneathon attempt today.  I have done little exercise other than walking to and from various offices, and I’m pretty sure that doesn’t count at all.  I am trying to summon up the courage to go swimming though, just in case I don’t get anywhere with the foot.

Weigh in?  I put on a pound.  I’d love to say that I don’t know why, but that would be a fib.  We ate too much last week.  I’m not losing sleep over it though, as I am on Day 1 of the 7 day plan in the magazine, and I know next week will yield a loss, despite a potential lack of exercise.  Interestingly, quite a few of us in group have been putting on and losing the same pound or two for a number of weeks, and we’ve all had a bit of a light bulb moment over the last couple of days.

Author: Steph

Blogger learning to live a healthier life, losing weight and starting to run.

4 thoughts on “Weigh in result

  1. Keep going. I find it’s the hardest thing if I am physically out of action because my brain goes, “oh, you might as well east loads then!”

    • Thanks! I’m being quite determined with the food, partly because I have spent a ridiculous amount on this meal plan and partly because I am fed up of this stone bracket.

  2. The pasta dish looks delicious Steph, gosh I’m going to have to make that at some point this week, for sure 😉 I’m sorry to hear about the foot – I’m inclined to say rest as otherwise you’ll injure yourself further. Also just read your post about jacking in the juneathon which made me laugh as it was the exact reason I didn’t do it – I don’t like feeling ‘pressurised’ to post everyday, and it means I end up talking about nothing at all 🙂

    • It was really tasty – just some extra lean minced beed, roasted red onion, pepper and courgette, more onion (we’re a bit onion obsessed), passata and pasta.

      The foot is definitely on the mend, thankfully! I am planning to get out on a run or two this week to get back into it 🙂

      I am kind of glad I jacked in Juneathon, as I was struggling to think of interesting things to write (not that I claim my normal stuff is interesting!).

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