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Jacking in Juneathon


Following the Slimming World magazine meal planner seems to be doing me a whole lot of good at the moment.  I feel like I have a little bit more energy, and I’m not getting the peaks and troughs, though my concentration is woefully poor right now.  I’m not sure what I owe that to, but never mind.

I’ve enjoyed eating some different foods, and have found that lately, I think we’ve been stuck in a food rut – a Scooby Doo running scene of chilli, lasagne, pasta, carbonara.  I attempted to make houmous for lunch today.  It didn’t go so well – a smidge too runny, so I think it either needed more chickpeas or slightly less yogurt.  Despite my determination to stay on plan, it would appear to have been “bring Tub cookies/chocolates” day.  I’ve had meetings with two suppliers today, and they have (very kindly) brought gifts in.  One set (the Milk Tray) has been left in our office for us, and I gave the production guys the cookies.  I have resisted though, with the exception of two tiny squares of a homemade birthday cake.  I’ve worked that out to be about 5 syns.

The foot is a little bit better.  One of the ladies at group suggested wearing orthotics as she’d suffered with Achilles tendonitis, and that had helped her.  I’ve worn mine all day, and I haven’t limped as much.  I’m definitely not 100% but I do think I might be on the mend.  I have decided to jack Juneathon in.  I just mucked it up from the very get go really.  I don’t have enough interesting information to keep blogging about my exploits every day, and I don’t much want to blog just for the sake of it.  However, I am enjoying reading the other Juneathoners, so I’ll keep reading.

Author: Steph

Blogger learning to live a healthier life, losing weight and starting to run.

4 thoughts on “Jacking in Juneathon

  1. Hope the healing goes well. Food ruts are a shocker aren’t they? I don’t know how anyone ever fed a family before the invention of the tinned tomato!

    • haha! tell me about it! A cupboard isn’t a cupboard without tinned tomatoes and tuna! It’s funny, because I didn’t think I was in much of a food rut, but it is good having a set plan to follow, just to inject some enthusiasm back into mealtimes.

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