Tub on the Run

Regaining my wedding planning mojo


My foot is finally on the mend.  I have managed to go all day without a tubigrip, though heels were out of the question, which was a little disappointing given what I’ve spent the day doing.

Accompanied by trusty sidekicks (Mum and one of my bridesmaids, N), we headed into Exeter for a wedding dress appointment at Se Marier.  It was a shame my sister couldn’t come with us, but it sounds like she had a fantastic (read: drunken) night out with her best friends to celebrate her birthday.  When we arrived in Se Marier, we were welcomed by the team of lovely ladies and I was given tokens to put on the dresses I liked.  I didn’t have too much of a strong idea on what I wanted, so anything that looked like it might fit was a prospect.  I’ll confess now that I had been dreading this a little bit – I didn’t think there would be sample dresses big enough to cater for me.  In fairness, the dresses were quite small on me, but the ladies were truly brilliant and didn’t make me feel awful for picking out dresses that were too small.  The last one I tried on was a Sophia Tolli dress that made me feel beautiful.  I never feel beautiful, so this was quite a moment for me, and when they plonked a floor length veil on me, I really did feel amazing.  Mum wasn’t so keen, with the practicalities mainly – the train was rather impressive and a pretty lace (and therefore very ruinable).  I thought no other dress would compare.  To be fair, we didn’t find a good comparator in Exeter, but tried another shop and came across the dress.  Mum took a couple of photos, and it really is the winner.  Even Dad likes it.

So it’s be a pretty successful day all told.  It has given me the kick I needed too to start cracking on with the exercise too, and N has promised to kick my fat bits from here to oblivion for the wedding.  Spinning and kettlebells, here we come!

The plans for tomorrow?  We’re off to Weston-Super-Mare to see my sister and celebrate her birthday.  All being well, I may even go out for a short trot and see how my foot takes to running.

147 days to the day.

Author: Steph

Blogger learning to live a healthier life, losing weight and starting to run.

10 thoughts on “Regaining my wedding planning mojo

  1. So glad you have found a dress, having done this twice I know how hard it is!

  2. Its so good to hear that you are mending and even better that you have found ‘the dress’. Keep your eye on the prize, you will look fabulous on your big day 🙂

  3. Eee how exciting about the dress – can’t wait to see photos (in 145 days time, hehe!). Glad to hear the foot is getting better. I used to have to wear insoles all the time when I first started working (as I was on my feet the whole time) – I’m actually ok now that I’m more sedentary and since I got my gait analysed and trainers fitted – have you thought about doing it? They have runners needs everywhere where they pop you on a treadmill, and you can try all different types of trainers – would recommend it! PS just posted shedloads on your blog – sorry, playing catch up 😉

    • I know 🙂 I just tried to call the lady to reserve my dress, but had to leave a voicemail 😦

      I had gait analysis done for my last shoes – a lovely pair of Saucony Omni 11s, as I overpronate. It is much better, and while I’m not going to brave heels just yet, I think I’m on the mend!

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