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Life BC (before cats)? and a catch up



We are owned by two cats.  As a group, a family, we are celebrating two years of sharing space this very weekend.  Tank (the black one with white bits) and Timo (the white one with black bits) came into our lives, and now I struggle to remember what life was like beforehand (well, I can hazard it was less fluffy, less shouty and on occasion, less smelly).

Timo and Tank ('scuse the mucky window)

Timo and Tank (‘scuse the mucky window)

Tank and Timo are both rescue cats, adopted from Cats Protection at Axhayes (they also run a blog here).  Not only are they both rescue cats, but they have FIV (the feline equivalent of HIV), which means that they are indoor cats.  This suits us down to the ground, as we live in a flat currently and couldn’t have “outdoor” cats.  Tank contracted FIV as a stray (we think).  How he ended up being a stray, no one knows.  He’s stupidly affectionate, and is very much a shadow to anyone.  Timo was a farm cat, who was a kitten when he contracted FIV.  He’s quite ballsy for a little cat, though can be timid when he fancies it.

So here’s to many more years, sharing our space (and sometimes, our cups of tea).


Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to Daddy Tub.  He was out playing with his band last night, so did the teenage thing of sleeping in until noon.  Father’s Day gift wise, it’s always hard to know what to get.  We met up for tea on Wednesday night, and he mentioned that he had conversations with his singing teacher, so I opted for green tea and honey (apparently they’re both good for your singing voice), and flap jack (good for your soul).  I get my sweet tooth from my father’s side of the family.  We stopped by for a quick visit.


In other news…

I picked my wedding dress up yesterday, and learned that I can now run again.  It was raining when I left the shop to get to the car, and obviously I didn’t want the dress to get wet (even though it is in a protective bag), so I ran.  My foot didn’t feel too bad, so I think I shall be donning my trainers again this week and starting slowly and building back up.

I’m not feeling too hopeful for a good weight loss this week.  The eating hasn’t been brilliant, but we’ve been out to see friends a couple of times this week, and Brothers Toffee Apple cider has reintroduced itself into my life.  I don’t usually drink, as I rarely buy any when we go shopping, and tend only to drink in pubs or restaurants.  With that in mind, I wouldn’t be too surprised to see a gain on the scales.  It’s not like we go to the pub 2/3 times a week so I’m not too worried if it is a gain right now.


Author: Steph

Blogger learning to live a healthier life, losing weight and starting to run.

4 thoughts on “Life BC (before cats)? and a catch up

  1. Those cats look like they have a beautiful perch in the house! That’s awesome your dad plays in a band, what type of music is it? I would love to be in a band when I’m older, ‘cept I have no musical skills apart from the piano 😉 Great news on the foot front!

    • Sadly the view is rubbish from our house, but they like chattering to the seagulls :). He plays rock, metal and the occasional blues/jazz type stuff. I think it’s his midlife thing 🙂 He is good at it though, which helps!

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