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The cost of not dodging the doughnuts


The cost of failing to dodge doughnuts is a 2.5lb gain on the scales.  I keep thinking “yeah, well last week was an unusual week, I mean, I drank and everything” (I’m not tee total, but I don’t drink a lot).  So yeah, I’m licking my wounds a little bit and trying to stop feeling so annoyed with myself.

I know what I need to do.  Hell, you know what I need to do too, and rather than write about it (again) I’d just better get on and do it.

I opted for a self pitying day, which I shall call my rest day for this week.  Tomorrow is a run.  The weather is promising to be hideous tomorrow, so I’m quite looking forward to a run in the rain.  It means the pavements will be clear and free, and I can huff and wheeze and turn a lesser shade of beetroot all to myself.

I can’t think of anything that’s going to get too much in the way of me blasting that gain off, with the exception of a meal out on Friday.  It’s tapas, I’m poor, so it will be cheap on both the pocket and waistline (thankfully).  There will also be no alcohol as I am driving.  One thing I really do need to get back on top of is drinking enough.  I’ve had two cups of tea and half a glass of squash all day.  I don’t think that comes to a litre.

Author: Steph

Blogger learning to live a healthier life, losing weight and starting to run.

6 thoughts on “The cost of not dodging the doughnuts

  1. I’m sure I’ve seen it said somewhere before that it doesn’t matter if you fall, as long as you get back up with better balance.. If not it should be said, sounds good doesn’t it! Haha.

    Anyways, glad you’re focusing on your run (run in the rain?? Rather you than me – I hate running haha)

  2. I feel your pain but understand totally. Krispy Kreme doughnuts SHOUT my name. : ) Thanks for sharing.

  3. So very true. ‘Knowing’ is one thing, ‘doing’ is another.

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