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Tub on the parkrun


The week seems to have run away from me.  Thursday, I went to my first spinning class in a very long time.  It was brutal and my ribs hurt from too much breathing heavily.  I went with N, and we went to her’s for tea afterwards.  She very kindly cooked me a Slimming World meal.  We spent the rest of the evening talking wedding, and colours in particular.  We’ve settled on colours, which are in keeping with the original autumnal theme.  It was midnight before I crawled into bed.

Friday was exercise free.  It was Supper Club though.  This time, we decided to go to Olive in Newton Abbot.  Olive is a tapas restaurant.  We went to Olive about 2 years ago, and didn’t much care for the service.  The first time around, the woman was surly and lacked any real customer service skills.  The food was nice though.  This time, the food was ok and the service much improved.  I’m not sure we’ll be back in a hurry (I personally found the food a little too oily to want to go there regularly, but that’s my personal preference), but we will be back.

When I got home last night, I decided to set my alarm for a decent time this morning, vowing to do my local parkrun.  The alarm went off, and to my joy, there were clouds and drizzle (I’m not being sarcastic – this is perfect for Tub Running).  M very kindly came with me (well, I needed back up/someone to hold my bag/next of kin).  He was also chief photographer (for me, not the parkrun).  While he missed my graceful jaunt over the finish line, I think you’ll agree that he got some nice pictures anyway.

How was it?  It was great!  I really enjoyed it.


As we walked up the hill towards the startline, the Race Director (Run Director?) asked if there were any newbies, so I stuck my hand up and shuffled through to the front for an additional briefing.  After the general briefing, the horn went, and off I toddled.  I probably ran about 20 steps then had to stop to tie my pants, as they kept falling down.  Sadly, I was the last person already (and not something that got much better), but I was kept company by Tim, the sweep.  A couple of things I learned (fairly early on):

  1. I was incredibly glad it wasn’t too warm or sunny.
  2. Trails are HARD.  Like really hard.  I’ve only really ever run on tarmac.  I went from being quite pleased with myself for being able to run, to being a little bit miserable for not being able to run better.
  3. I can (just about) talk and run and breathe at the same time.


Tim was really nice, and very interesting to talk to.  He told me about how he got into running (cheering people on at the London Marathon, then vowing to do it himself – which he has done, multiple times), and is now, this year, running 13 half marathons (number 8 is tomorrow).  He was telling me about the charity he runs for and his time at parkrun.

So, good company and beautiful scenery took the sting out of being at the back for the majority of the run.

IMAG0180 IMAG0181 IMAG0188

Unfortunately, M didn’t get a photo of me actually running, so you’ll have to make do with my time instead:

Parkrun 22.6.13

Yep, I was last, but I had fun.  I hope to do it all again next week (to beat the 40 minute mark), and try hard not to be beaten by a power walker (though he was amazingly consistent in his speed) and a child who had suffered an ankle problem.  I will also try to remember to bring a little bit of loose change with me too so that M and I can have a coffee (or hot choc) in the tearooms next time.

Author: Steph

Blogger learning to live a healthier life, losing weight and starting to run.

10 thoughts on “Tub on the parkrun

  1. Hey u should havelet me know u were there I gave you your tab at end as was volunteering this week, would have given u a big hug if knew! Well done, next week a PB? I won’t be there till week after as in Bristol for 10k next week.

    • I wasn’t 100% sure I was definitely going to do it, as I was quite nervous. I was looking for you with the scanner in the tent thing (brain didn’t quite twig that token duty also would include the handing out of the tokens, not just scanning!) 🙂 Totally going for a PB next week! Good luck for Bristol 10k – it looks really good! I will see you the week after next then 🙂

      • Fantastic, look forward to it, can’t wait to hear about PB next week. It’s a tough course you did well, the up start-tough-rocky down-tough dont even get me started on the last mile with its gradual up hill!

  2. Sorry you had to walk up a hill before even starting the run? Well that sounds a little unfair to me, haha!!

    Last maybe, but last of the winners! So many people probably didnt even leave the house that day, lol! You do make me laugh with your run in the rain mentality! I’m so much the fair weather exerciser 😀 good for you!

    • Tell me about it! I was thinking that it might have finished UP that hill and was beginning to wonder what I’d let myself in for. Thankfully it was actually mostly downhill 🙂

      Thanks though! I don’t know how you can exercise in the heat, it’s too much for me! 🙂

  3. Oh well done! parkruns are great, and I know what you mean about trail running being hard – I pretty much learnt this the same way you did lol.

    You did great, and I hope you go back. 🙂

    • Thanks! Yep, planning to go back next weekend – I want to beat that 40 minute marker. I’m hoping that now I know what to expect I can keep a more consistent pace next time out.

  4. Excellent. So many people don’t go at all for fear of being the last person, so good on you!! The next person that says that to me shall get redirected here.
    Keep it up 🙂

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