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Sometimes, Tubs are hardcore


It is a lesser known fact that on occasion, Tubs can be hardcore.  By hardcore, clearly I mean as in a Dime bar kind of hard core…

Yep, I’m soft on the outside.

Why are Tubs hardcore?  Let’s rewind one week to the end of last Thursday’s spinning session.  N and I stopped to chat to Steph, our spin instructor, and we mentioned that we had plans to alternate spinning and kettlebells.  Steph said there was a kettlebells session right after her spin class.  Well that was it.  A seed had been planted.  From the time it took to get from the spin studio to the crossing outside of the gym, our endorphin addled brains thought that was a marvellous idea.  N booked up fairly quickly, but I got to yesterday and realised I hadn’t booked up.

After much gnashing of teeth and snarling at google (which was being rubbish and wouldn’t find me the information immediately… what did we do before google?!), I found the phone number for the gym and booked in.  The man who booked me in even sounded a little… well… “you really want to do that?”, though he didn’t actually say it.

I’d saved part of my breakfast to have later in the afternoon – scan bran and cottage cheese (scan bran being the Slimming World cardboard of choice, made palatable solely by adding something to it).  I even threw a banana down the hatch for good luck.  As M settled down in front of the telly, I made my way over to the gym (also, typically, it is good Tub running weather today – raining and cool – though a run AND spinning AND kettlebells I’m sure is the rotund’s equivalent of hari-kari).

As I set up my bike, I chatted to N, and we agreed to go easy in spin, given we had never done anything so outlandish as combine TWO classes before (yeah, we know how to live!).  In amongst this, with the high octane lifestyles we lead, she invited M and I camping to Cambridgeshire to watch J (N’s husband, M’s best man) compete in a triathlon (though it might be a duathlon).  Actually, it’ll be fun and it’ll be great to support J.  Anyway, I digress.  Someone had left the gears on 14 from the previous session, and I wasn’t finding that too bad, so I told myself that was the lowest I could go in the session.  I think that was where it all got a bit daft.  Throwing caution to the wind (wind generate by the huge fan, caution being my common sense), I started competing with myself.  As a result, spinning was not “easy”, but I PBd in terms of calories (487 in the session, according to the bike, normally I’m around 350) with my average watts hitting 189 (usually in the 150s).  The very definition of not taking it easy.

I felt good.  Tired, sweaty, red faced, but good.  The high lasted until I got to the kettlebells class and realised there were no light weights (2kg I think I usually go with – my upper body strength is dire).  I ended up with a 5kg instead.  As my endorphins made a swift retreat and sweated out, I was left feeling a bit ill in parts, taking a couple more breaks than normal.

I got home and stuffed a cereal bar down my face, as I had started getting shaky hands.  Whether than was weight related (as in kettlebell weight) or low blood sugar, I couldn’t tell you.

So, I’ll be amazed if I can move in the morning, although I’ll probably be worse on Saturday (hmm… parkrun PB is looking questionable possibly).

And that, my friends, is how Tubs are sometimes hardcore.

Author: Steph

Blogger learning to live a healthier life, losing weight and starting to run.

5 thoughts on “Sometimes, Tubs are hardcore

  1. Haha love it Steph, you rock! Am very very impressed 😉 The question is though, would you do it again? The only time I tried to ‘double-up’ a class was when my hard-core TRX trainer persuaded me to try her spinning class right after, but I was just too exhausted and I think my blood sugar also got too low so not sure if I’d combine two classes again (spinning in particular! It’s just too amazeballs to go easy on it 😉 ) unless they were lower intensity! Hope you can move today!!

    • haha! Thanks! I’m not sure I would do it again with a heavier weight. I’m definitely getting stiffer and more sore as the day wears on. I think spinning first was definitely better, I don’t think I could have done it the other way around as kettlebells really tires me out, and I’m a better spinner than weight lifter. Early night for me tonight, after a soak in the bath I think! 🙂

  2. Definitely hardcore! Sounds like a great workout.

    ps – I know what you mean by before Google (BG?). How did we possibly find out stuff!?

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