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Tub’s adventures over the past 5 days


It’s been a funny few days, and this is quite a long post, but I have put pictures in to help break the tedium!

Saturday morning went by extremely quickly (too quickly) and I ended up getting a bit stressed out that I hadn’t sorted everything prior to our departure.  We picked N up, added more stuff in to the car, got fuel and headed on our way – J and N’s sister in the lead car, us in the second.  We made it as far as the next services before the dogs (of J and N) needed letting out.  After a brief stop, we headed to lunch at College Farm in Shrivenham.  That served to make me more annoyed.  I constantly find there that the food is ok (it is great value) but the customer service is absolutely appalling, and this visit was no exception.  I have said to M that we must not eat there again (which is a shame because it is convenient for stopping by on the way home from Silverstone).

After lunch, we continued, only having to go around a roundabout twice once.  On arrival, M and I are like camping ninjas and had our tent up and guyed quicker than you could say Wyton Lakes (where we were staying).  J headed off to pick up his race pack, and we put their tent up.  I have to say, I was really impressed by the camp site – it had everything you could want.  We had deliberately booked a service pitch so we could have the phone chargers running.  The showers were clean and warm, the toilets were good and the owners were friendly.  It is a dog friendly campsite too.  If we’re in the area again, we’d definitely go back.

For tea, we headed into Huntingdon and stopped at the King of the Belgians.  That was a complete contrast in terms of service to our lunchtime meal – service and food were brilliant!

It was an early start in the morning, as J needed to get his bike all set up and sorted, put in transition and then head to the briefing and start line ready for the Nice Tri Duathlon around Grafham Water.  For the first time in weeks, I had to wear my hoodie as it was a bit nippy.  It was perfect for running though.

J on the 10k run, transitioning to bike

J on the 10k run, transitioning to bike

J did really well – he came fourth overall, shaving 13 minutes from his Cambridge time (he used his Cambridge time as the qualifier to join the GB time in Canada).  For some reason, they hadn’t done age categories, but if they had, he’d have won his age group.  He was the second GB competitor through.  We were all chuffed for him – bearing in mind, he’s only been doing this for about 8 months, he is doing really well!  The three guys before him were all quite a bit older and have been competing for a while, so give J a few years, and he’ll be well away!

Top four finishers

Top four finishers

After a little bit of milling around, we headed to Ikea.  That was an experience and involved a lot of rearranging of luggage, but we got there.  We arrived home around 6:00pm and I started the mad dash to get ready for Monday morning.

Early Monday, off I toddled to the airport to go to Manchester for work.  Two days up there nearly wrecked my sanity.  I managed to lose my passport, and I wasn’t carrying my driving licence – thankfully, our PA got it all sorted and I was allowed on the plane to come home.  How she wangled it, I don’t know.  The cost to me?  A bottle of whiskey as a thank you (and a new passport of course!).

As for weigh in – well, let me tell you, that was the real poop cherry on my vommy cupcake – 4lbs on.  I’d like to say “oh well”, but I am annoyed, fed up, tired of bobbing around this weight.  I had an “I don’t want to do this anymore” outburst, at which point, my friend H dragged me to the Nominations for Slimmer of the Year 2012 board and said I needed to look how far I’d come.  She’s right, though I admit, I see a much greater difference in her photo to mine.

Weigh in has made me a sad panda

I’ve dusted myself off, gnoshed two Hifi Lights (the new blueberry cheesecakes – yum!), a bagel with cashew butter (my syns for the day), a jacket spud with cheese and beans, and a melon pot.  Dinner is to be confirmed – it’ll need to be syn free.

Author: Steph

Blogger learning to live a healthier life, losing weight and starting to run.

6 thoughts on “Tub’s adventures over the past 5 days

  1. Ooh I’ve never spectated at an event but it looks fun (especially if your guy is in the top running, congrats to him!). Sorry to hear your lost your passport and more sorry to hear about your dismay over your weigh in, boo! You have a right to feel annoyed and fed up, I guess all I can say is your friend is right in seeing how far you have come, and I remember from your old post you had a few ideas what could possibly be the cause so it sounds like you’re thinking (or even doing currently!) about making the lifestyle changes you need to bust through this plateau. I’ve been there too previously (and for me I think it was high stress levels that was doing it, one which can be one of the hardest to tackle!). Hope you are feeling ok x

    • It was quite good fun – we got to see J a couple of times. I was mucking around with M’s camera to see what it could do, which made it more interesting in the bits where we didn’t see J. I’m absolutely amazed – his 10k time was 36 mins (I can’t even run 5 in that time!), bike was 40k in just under an hour, and then polished it all off with an 18 min 5k. That boy is QUICK!

      You are right, I really need to revisit that post, get some perspective and stop with the wallowing. Stress is a tough one for me too, and I am probably even worse right now because I am not really doing much exercise (I’m too hot sat still). I think I probably need to a holiday to where you went! 🙂

      • wowzas, 36 minutes?! That is amazeballs!

        PS I just read another post about weight plateauing – they were mentioning about Jillian Michael’s thoughts about it, I might as well just post the comment:

        “I was going to suggest Jillian’s advice as well. She says plateaus happen because your body has adjusted to your routine and it will straighten itself out in about 3 weeks. Her tips to break through one is to change up your workout, increase your intensity, increase your calories, and drink a whole lot of water. Good luck!”

        Hope it’s helpful…

        • Yeah I know! That’s ridiculously quick right?

          Thank you for the JM thing – that makes a lot of sense actually, so I shall see what I can do with that. 🙂 x

  2. Aww looks like a great time! And congrats to your friend, that is amazing!! Keep your chin up – you’ve got this! As Jillian Michaels says “Transformation is a present event” – meaning it’s happening to you now! Hang in there.

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