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Foodie Penpals – August 2013


Another month gone, another Foodie Penpals exchange.  Foodie Penpals is a scheme, started by Lindsay at the Lean Green Bean in America.  Carol Anne from This is Rock Salt extended this to the UK and Europe, and she organises the matches for people like me.   It’s a great scheme – quite inexpensive, and it’s always interesting to see what you get each month.  Check out here for information about how to sign up.

This month I was paired with Lena (who sent to me) and Rebecca (who I sent stuff to).  Lena doesn’t have a blog for me to link to, but Rebecca blogs over at Sullen Hearts.  Lena lives in Germany, so I was quite excited to be paired with someone who has access to a whole different kind of produce to me.  I really love Germany, and M and I have both agreed that if we ever had to move from the UK , we’d look at somewhere like Munich or somewhere in Belgium.  I went to Germany twice when I was at school – once as part of our history lessons, and the second time, I went as the German interpreter when I was studying for my German A Level.  Anyway, it’s been quite a long time since I wrote any German, and I was quite pleased that I managed to compose an email (thank you Google Translate for some words!).  Doing so has made me think that I really should keep my language skills up.  Maybe it’s time to start getting Die Welt again.  Anyway, I digress.

Lena was really hot off the mark and sent her parcel in super quick time.

Foodie Penpals from Lena

I can confirm that the Haribo were very tasty, and a nice change from the star mix type things we have over here.  The other items I am going to need to crack out Google Translate to see how you make them, as my German really is very rusty.  I am also on the hunt for any sauerkraut recipes (all suggestions welcome!) as it isn’t something I have ever cooked with.

In Rebecca’s parcel, I sent the following:

Foodie Penpals sent to Rebecca 2

They arrived safely and Rebecca said she was pleased with them.  After having sent some very sweet oriented parcels lately, I think I achieved a better balance between sweet and savoury this time round.

I’m out of Foodie Penpals for September, as I’ve got a really busy month coming up, and the jury’s out on whether I’ll be back in before December, as October and November are both going to get quite hectic too.  My previous Foodie Penpal posts can all be found here.

Once again, thank you to Carol Anne at This is Rock Salt for making the UK and European arm of this scheme happen every month.

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5 thoughts on “Foodie Penpals – August 2013

  1. I used to love sugar mice when I was little! Have not seen them in years!

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