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To continue with the gym or not… that is today’s question


I, for one, am looking forward to a return to normality.  These last two weeks have been quite busy with one thing and another, and I am looking forward to being able to establish a better routine. 

At my Slimming World group this week, I weighed in and miraculously recorded a “no change”.  Ok, the scales may not have shown a change, but I felt blobby and bloated.  I deserved a large gain, and I feel a bit guilty for somehow “cheating” the system.  Our consultant then said that she was going to run a food diary challenge, and that if we would like to complete a food diary to share around with the group, that might be a good way to see what success looks like and get some ideas for different foods.  I immediately looked to H and said the challenge was on!  Wednesday, I managed not to have any syns and yesterday wasn’t much better, with a token Hob Nob just to make sure I registered something.  I have tried couscous pancakes though, and I’m quite impressed by them (they sound wrong, but they’re like little Scotch pancakes).  You’re meant to have between 5 and 15 syns a day, and not having them isn’t ideal.  Must try harder!

Today isn’t looking too bad.  I’m out for tea tonight, and having looked at the menu, there are a couple of salads that I think could fit the bill.  The alternative is pizza, and I’m not feeling pizza right now.

parkrun logo

Tomorrow I am parkrunning.  I have been told I am.  My new Garmin hasn’t seen the light of day yet, so it will make its debut tomorrow.  I realised I haven’t actually been running for a long time (maybe two months), and I need to make an assessment of where I currently am in my running fitness levels.  I have a couple of exciting things coming up in terms of running, and I need to make sure that I can pick up at least some of Couch to 5k soon.  I’m going to pick a run from Week 4 and run it tomorrow.  If I feel ok, then I will plan to progress my next run to Week 5 and assess again. 

I am currently debating whether to cancel my gym membership.  I admit that I haven’t exactly been a regular gym bunny of late, and I don’t really see that changing much.  I’ve fallen completely out of love with the gym itself – I’d rather run outside, do weights or mat work at home.  For classes, I haven’t been spinning in ages and I can’t motivate myself to get back into it.  Honestly?  I don’t care much for the new spin studio.  Our old one used to have windows and a view (admittedly, of a car park, but it was enough to act as a distraction).  The new one is a disused squash court – no windows, no natural ventilation and wet walls from the condensation.  Is that me making an excuse?  Yes it is.  But I don’t feel inspired to go there at the moment.  Plus, it’s a real sweat box in the summer.  Zumba?  Well, I haven’t been for months and months.  The only class I can get to is on a Monday, and it works out more economically viable to pay for the classes individually if I’m only going once a week.  I need to do at least 7 classes a month to make the membership worthwhile.  Some time ago, Mum and I were having a chat about things and she said that I’m very much an “all or nothing” kind of person – I’m either going to the gym all the time, or not at all.  My food is either 100% on plan, or dire.  She’s right (as my mum usually is), and I don’t think that having a running programme plus a huge amount of classes to attend is going to be right – I’ve done it before and I just end up being a little sad that I’m never home.  Then I get bored and despondent and stop all together. Now is the time for some moderation.

I’ve rattled on about the cons of the gym, but what are the pros?  It’s one place that I get to see a couple of friends.  We work hard in the class, but it’s nice to catch up before and natter after.  I should make the effort to see them more outside of the gym though.  It does also mean that I can go to the dreadmill if I really need to, and there is air conditioning.  There is also variety.  If I get bored of, let’s say, Zumba Tone, I can change to Kettlebells with no additional costs.  I could use the pool (for context, the last time I graced the pool was probably when I was about 13 years old).  There is the “what if” factor.  What if I really want to go spinning?  What if I get injured and the only way I can exercise is to swim?  Hmm… I am sure they’d let me rejoin, and I can pay as I go.

Anyway, that’s enough gym talk.  I’m off to mentally prepare myself for parkrun!

Author: Steph

Blogger learning to live a healthier life, losing weight and starting to run.

12 thoughts on “To continue with the gym or not… that is today’s question

  1. I just signed up for Foodie PenPals! I’m excited to give it a go…And, a thought on the gym: I hate it. Smelly, uncomfortable and germy…lol I only run outdoors, although I need to start doing some strength training and I suck at doing it at home (its boring and I always find other things to do….like chips and TV). So, I might find a class or something to do…We’ll see! Keep up the workouts- sounds like you are doing good!

    • Thank you for the comment! Foodie pie pals is really good fun – I am sure you’ll enjoy it! It can be a bit daunting to start off with so I would definitely recommend getting a good chat going on emails – that will help.

      I had never really thought about the gym being Gerry before but now you mention it… :-/

  2. Good luck with your Parkrun tomorrow 🙂 I am going too, although my legs are still quite sore (I know, moan moan!) so don’t think I will manage a fast time or anything.
    I know what you mean about the gym- I used to be a member (years back really) but I had to go to two classes a week to make it worth it, and what with work I only manage one most weeks, and I prefer running outside, so I just pay for the classes now which works out cheaper. I suppose it is down to what you like- if you enjoy it then you are more likely to stick with it.

    • Thanks Maria. You are right – you have to enjoy it and I’m not in that place at the moment. Annoyingly, my gym no longer does a classes only membership, only a full one or one for the pool. Enjoy your parkrun tomorrow! I am quite looking forward to mine, as it should be nice and cool tomorrow morning 🙂

  3. Look forward to see the mentally prepared you with Garmin, tomorrow, Madam and I are Marshall 4

  4. Enjoy Parkrun 🙂 Parkrun is where I met so many of my running friends.

    As for the gym….I think you have already made your decision 🙂

  5. I put my gym membership on freeze from I think about June til October just because I wanted to make the most of the outdoors 🙂 I slightly wish I had extended the freeze a bit longer but maybe in a month’s time the weather will be cold enough to make me want to be in the warmth! However, if you’re not using the classes and are enjoying yourself enough outdoors then cancelling it and doing ‘pay as you go’ classes when you fancy it sounds like the perfect combo. So excited about your garmin and yurbuds, can’t wait to hear how they are on the road, and happy belated birthday!

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