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The Wedding: Part One (The Run Up)


I’m back!  I’m back as a Mrs too, though that is taking some getting used to (changing a name is hard!).  I’ve split the wedding down into different posts, otherwise it would turn into a huge mammoth post.  First up, the last few days before the wedding.


Having finished work on Tuesday evening, I had a nice easy start, pottering around first thing in the morning.  M had to work, so I had made plans to spend the day with my sister.  We headed up to Exeter to get a couple of last minute things.  I knew my hair do was likely to fall out on the day of the wedding (curls won’t stay in my hair) so I wanted to find a clip for my hair so I could change my hair if I needed to.  Mission accomplished, my sister and I headed to Yo! Sushi. She’d never been before, and I fancied something light.  It was a hit.


Then it was on to collect the wedding cake.  It was one of the last things that I arranged.  I have a bit of a thing with wedding cakes (and cars for that matter).  If you go for a proper wedding cake, it seems a lot of money just for something that is going to get cut up.  After some online searching, Marks and Spencers cropped up and I ordered a plain iced 3 tier cake with the view that we’d go for something simple to decorate it.

It was quite a busy evening, as we realised the bits that we’d forgotten or hadn’t finished so we didn’t get to bed until gone midnight.  Thankfully, we sorted everything in time.


I picked my sister up as we had an appointment for manicures at 9:30am.  I enjoyed the time out being a little pampered.  I enjoyed the eyebrow wax slightly less.

French Mani

From there, we went hunting for a cake topper.  It was another thing I hadn’t much thought about, but my mum was insistent that we had something on the cake.  P and I had looked in Exeter on Wednesday and found nothing that I liked, and unfortunately the same was the case on Thursday.  They either looked like Quasimodo or were the joke ones where the bride was grabbing the runaway groom (nothing against them, but they aren’t my taste).  In the end, we opted for flowers.

We had to box up the centrepieces with all the cards before heading back to my parents’ to collect the wine and then heading up to Woodbury Park.

The evening was filled with some final preparation to the “beauty” regime…

Skin prep

The very kind man at Lush gave me a face mask (Love Lettuce) when M and I went to Exeter the weekend before the wedding.  I love this stuff – it feels amazing, and it is a great exfoliant.  Definitely one to keep up with I think.


Generally, Friday wasn’t too stressful, though Mum was getting increasingly stressed out for some reason.  In the evening, M, Dad, P, J, N and I went over to the church for our rehearsal.  It all felt a bit strange really, like it was actually happening.  I enjoyed it though.  I didn’t feel too nervous, and I managed to say the right things, but both M and I realised that we were probably not going to be able to remember all the hand movements you need to do (I was surprised that there were hand movements involved!).  The girls put out reserved cards in the front pews for our families.  And that was that.

I stayed at home with M on the night before our wedding – I don’t sleep well without him, so I’d decided early on that I would be staying at home.

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11 thoughts on “The Wedding: Part One (The Run Up)

  1. Oh welcome back Mrs. I have been so waiting for this post (posts). You gave been in my thoughts. Can’t wait for part two. An hoping part three is sensored.

  2. Yay a Mrs, hooray Steph 🙂 ! That’s lovely that you got a good bout of pampering before your big day, can’t wait to hear all about it!

  3. Welcome back MRS 🙂 sounds like a great lead up to your big day. You truly deserve to be pampered.

  4. Congratulations! Looking forward to reading the next bits too 🙂

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  6. I’m so excited, reading abut the build up, I’m glad you’ve posted Part 2 and I don’t need to wait for it! 😀

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