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It is easier to keep going


I’ve had a lovely chilled out day today.  I didn’t get out of bed until mid morning, and slept straight through, so I figured I needed it.  When I finally dragged myself out of bed, I started looking at the 10k plan, where I am meant to be on Week 5, and I am meant to have increased my mileage, week on week, at a steady pace.  With the wedding and all, I grossly overestimated how busy (and tired) I would be, and it is safe to say that I am quite a few weeks behind.  Having already completed Week 4 in a previous attempt (before the summer hit), I thought the scheduled 4.5 miles of Week 5 might be doable.

It turned out to be a bittersweet run.  I was really pleased with myself, I managed to keep on the motion of running for approximately 2.8 miles.  That is substantially further than I have run continuously for some time.  That was a win, a real confidence boost.  In addition, when I first started running, I’d lurk on the Runners World forum for beginners, and the more experienced runners would say that you’d feel better after the first 10 minutes, or the first mile.  I never believed it before, but today, after probably 13 minutes (that’s just under a mile for me), I felt myself settle into a rhythm.  The rhythm isn’t exactly mirrored by the Garmin download, but that will come in time I guess.

Week 5 Run

The need to stop didn’t really materialise.  Well, that was until I was forced to stop.  As I got to a set of traffic lights, I wasn’t quite quick enough to catch the green man, so I had to wait my turn.  I’d stopped.  I tried to restart, quite unsuccessfully.  I just couldn’t find my “spot” again.  It had stopped feeling ok.  My foot had started to hurt, and a little further along, I had a really sore chest pain that felt like stitch, but was too high to have been stitch.  That was at 3.2 miles.  I am annoyed that I didn’t make it to at least 4 miles, but with my reasonable head on, I acknowledge that I haven’t run properly for a long time, 4 miles is a long distance for me, I’m also a stone heavier than some of my more recent performances and I have a disgusting cold at the moment.  My sore foot owed to a blister from rubbishy Marks and Spencers sports socks.  I’ll need to find my Nikes again for my next run.

Anyway, the point of this post is that it occurred to me, as I was struggling to get going after the traffic lights, that it is much easier to just keep going.  I’ve spent a period of time this year building a very small platform of basic fitness, which has allowed me to run nearly three miles without stopping, to the point where it was easier to keep going than to stop.  If I hadn’t been forced to stop at the lights, I like to think that I would have achieved 4 miles.

I expanded that thought further – each time I stop running, I find it harder to start again.  I find it hard to write about restarting on here.  With my diet, it is so much easier to keep on the wagon than fall off, dust myself off and sort myself out.  I’m quite sure it can’t be doing my body any good, and it certainly isn’t good for me mentally.

I need to keep going.  The alternative is too hard.

I need to remember this.

Author: Steph

Blogger learning to live a healthier life, losing weight and starting to run.

9 thoughts on “It is easier to keep going

  1. Hey Steph, you’re not alone in this, I find it ridiculously difficult to restart after a traffic light as I tend to “seize up” and lose my mentality – what I do find helpful is gentle jogging on the spot to keep the joints moving and weight shifting from side to side, perhaps something you’ll find helpful too 🙂 ?

    • Hi Lucy,

      I hadn’t thought of that! I suppose I could also have run past the lights after hitting the button and then running back for the green man. Why I didn’t think of either of them at the time, I don’t know!

      Thank you 🙂

  2. We have a ton of traffic lights where I live and over the years I’ve learned to dodge as many as possible:) I do the run at lights trick too. Another thing I try is to watch the up coming light and either increase or decrease my speed so that I can make the green light without stopping. Sometimes this works…sometimes not, but it gets me through at least a couple stops.

  3. And I love your new cover page! So cute!

  4. You did well to run that distance, and at least you have learnt some things to put into place for next time. I never jog on the spot as I prefer to catch my breath, but a lot of people do so maybe worth trying?

  5. I’m seriously so proud of you for “keeping on, keeping on!” It’s so hard to get restarted, but you’re doing it. You’re making it happen!! And that is certainly worth remembering! Sending you encouraging vibes across the pond! You’ve got this!!

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