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So, about Weston Christmas Cracker…


I have been considering not running the Weston Christmas Cracker 10k.  My inner critic reasoned that I wouldn’t be able to run it as only fit people can run it, and besides, what with working my old job and my new job, I haven’t had the mental capacity to add running into the mix (running takes a huge amount of mental effort for me).  All very true.  I haven’t been out, and I failed to follow my Hal Higdon 10k plan.  I’ve managed to get to 4 miles.  Additionally, the inner critic reminded me that I am heavier than I probably should be for my joints, and running is high impact of course.

Then, with some blue sky thinking, I remind myself that regardless of the time I do, it will be a personal best.  It is the only time I’ll be able to do it without failing (unless I fail to finish, but then there will always be another day).  Yeah, I am heavier than recommended, but I have been through my entire “running career”, and the few extra pounds (ok, extra stone), is still one stone less than when I started Couch to 5k in January.  Yes, there is a reasonable chance that I could come last, but someone does have to come last.  If that person is me, then it is me.  I am pretty sure that they don’t shoot the last person back.  Plus, I paid to enter (as is the custom with these kinds of things), and what a waste of money if I don’t do it.  Additionally, I have been severely mince pie deprived so far this year, and this is one of the only acceptable ways that I can have a mince pie (I’m sure it will taste better than all other mince pies by the time I get to the finish line!).  Of course, it’s also “nothing ventured, nothing gained”.

Having done battled with my inner voices (though I do promise I am not entirely mad), I have convinced myself to do it.  There are aspects that I am not looking forward to.  Specifically, I am not looking forward to my mother-in-law cheering on father-in-law (who will make it home sub-45 mins) and then hanging around waiting for me to come back and have a lot of faux praise.  All I want to see at the end is a mince pie the face of my husband, who will have really understood what an accomplishment it will have been for me.

Mince pies for Fetcham Park

Mince pies for Fetcham Park (Photo credit: ayca13)

I’m trying to work out what is best to take with me.  I have my usual running kit, but what should I take in addition?  I am thinking some food, warm clothes, clean socks, knickers and a bra, deodorant, hairbrush.  All tips welcome!

In other news, I weighed in today, and maintained over the two weeks.  Hurrah!  That is quite good.  Friday involved a delicious three course Thai meal for my Mum’s work’s Christmas Party.  I also drank quite a lot (for me).  Perhaps the yoga yesterday helped, or the 2 mile run today.  Who knows.

Author: Steph

Blogger learning to live a healthier life, losing weight and starting to run.

13 thoughts on “So, about Weston Christmas Cracker…

  1. Some great blue sky thinking there, good luck, it will be an amazing feeling when you get to the end.

  2. I think just go for it- you can run/ walk it, I think you will be surprised with how many people do. And like you say, someone will be last and that is fine.
    If you are changing after I would take a pile of baby wipes and a carrier bag for dirty clothes/ shoes, fresh clothes to put on (warm ones) and stuff like lip balm which I always miss. I don’t bother with a hair brush as I tie it up so just leave it all up- don’t want to get sweat in my hairbrush!!!

    • Thanks Maria! I am going to have to run/walk I think, and I am ok with that. Doing that has got me round parkrun each time without too much mischief!

      Thank you for the tips. I wouldn’t have thought to pack baby wipes at all, or a carrier bag. Chances are that my shoes will be quite sandy so a carrier is a great idea!

  3. Good luck and well done for sticking with it.

  4. Hello
    Like you I have been trying to get fitter, start running and lose weight this year. I started in July and had been doing quite well. I then had a knee injury and had a 2 week holiday in America….oh dear ! I had a big birthday this year and one of my goals for myself was to run the cracker. I too have thought about not doing it as it looks like a very serious event , even with the fancy dress . My knee is limiting what I can do at the moment. I am doing it with my Daughter , who us not a runner and supporting me and my son in law who will do a very good time. They will be waiting for me so I will tell them to layer up lol.
    I am doing this for me so I AM going to give it a go. I will have to walk and very light jog but if I’m last so be it …it’s my goal just to do it.
    I’m hoping the atmosphere will give me a helping hand ! Good luck, you can do it

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