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Janathon Day 6: The day my back went crunch… click…


I was sorely tempted to consider the tossing and turning and my lack of sleep (instigated by anxiety, nothing more exciting!) as my Janathon exercise today, but it didn’t seem right.  I hate waking up more tired than what I went to bed.

It was my first day back at work, and I was not looking forward to it.  What will have happened while I was gone?  Not a lot appeared to be the answer.  My illogical brain had decided that the world had changed and something awful will have befallen my role.  I had an induction to run.  I hate doing anything that involves public speaking, and I never sleep well before an induction.  Thankfully, I’ll be able to palm that part of my role off onto the new lady that joined our team.

I was surprised that I didn’t feel too sore after my 5 mile run yesterday.  I was expecting to feel some aches in my glutes and hips as they had started niggling a little bit towards the end of the day.  Regardless, my plan called for a strength and stretch session, which I interpreted as yoga.  On my Day 3 post, John at Fit for 365 left a comment recommending a yoga for runners video on YouTube:

I really enjoyed it!  It was taxing without being too sweat inducing, and my muscles were probably a bit tighter than I originally though.  I am now left with a pleasant ache in my hamstrings and glutes.  I could listen to her accent all day – love it.  One thing I did find today, having spent the full day back in the office (and therefore, my desk), I noticed that my back was a bit sore.  It felt so good when it clunked and clicked in the folds and in child’s pose.  Ah… marvellous!

Back to running tomorrow!  That will be my first run for Jantastic.


Author: Steph

Blogger learning to live a healthier life, losing weight and starting to run.

19 thoughts on “Janathon Day 6: The day my back went crunch… click…

  1. This video looks good. I think I might give that a go – I definitely don’t stretch enough after running.

  2. Might try that, this poor old body needs a stretch I think !

  3. Phew! Glad your day wasn’t too bad!

  4. Thanks for the mention and I’m glad the video did the job. I know what you mean about Esther’s accent. Its my first run of Jantastic as well tomorrow.

  5. Ooo I think I could be tempted to give that video a go!

  6. Thanks for the link, I’ve just tweeted it to remind myself where to find it and give it a go tomorrow 🙂

  7. It always feels so good when your back finally does that.

  8. Will definitely try this on my next walk/run free day!

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