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Janathon Day 10: argh! mile 4!


This week my mileage sees one of the larger increases, and my two mid-length runs are 4 milers.

Originally I was meant to go out yesterday but a serious crash on the motorway meant I was three hours late for work and I ended up having a relatively stressful day trying to catch up with myself. I postponed in favour of prawns and Spartacus.

Mum had invited me around for tea tonight. Dad was out and Matt was on his way back from Birmingham so we thought we would have a nice evening chatting away. I said I would need to go out for a run, so after a quick pit stop home to get changed into my running clothes, I headed up to Mum’s where I also got the chance to run a different route (a very welcome change!).

My run looked something like this:

Mile 1: aaaaaarrrggghhhhhhhh….. Stitch!! I should not have eaten that yogurt before I came out…. Urge the paaaaaain (melodrama? Moi?)

Mile 2: cough…. Wheeze…. Cough… Thanks Mr 2 Stroke Moped for leaving a stink trail for half a mile. Hmm…. Stitch… Hmm left knee isn’t happy…

Mile 3: woo I am feeling good! Ok, with the exception of breathing out my backside when I reach the top of a rather brutal hill (but importantly, I made it to the top of the hill in a semblance of a run)

Mile 4: oh God. I am dying. Who put this hill here? I am sure this is meant to be flat. How much further? 0.75 of a mile? Ok… Huff… Puff… Walk… Now? 0.64? You have got to be kidding me. A watched kettle never boils? A watched Garmin doesn’t change either!

Mile 4.08: woo! Home!

And so I returned to my parents’ house, beetroot in colour, shining and a bit soggy with sweat, probably smelling as pretty as I looked.

My run was rewarded with a lovely hot shower and chilli con carne.


Author: Steph

Blogger learning to live a healthier life, losing weight and starting to run.

8 thoughts on “Janathon Day 10: argh! mile 4!

  1. What is it about mile three always being good, yet you have to suffer through miles one and two first?!
    Running when at parents is always the best… No need to rush around and get food and gobble it down still stinky… Parents producea beautiful plateload whilst you shower and then you get to relax infront of the TV! 🙂

    • I know! It was definitely unpleasant for the first mile.

      Totally agree on the parent thing! It was nice to have done the run and then spend some time with Mum 🙂

  2. Great stuff, well done for hanging in there

  3. Well done- sometimes runs are strange things- I keep getting random stitches at the moment- I had one today despite going out before breakfast so it was not due to eating before running, who knows.
    Anyway, well done 🙂

  4. They say the first 20 minutes of a run are the worst

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