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Janathon Day 11: The Deterioration of the Plank


I was meant to go out on a 4 mile run today according to The Plan.  I should have gone out, as I am sure that my mood would have been better than it currently is.  I’ve ended up in a bit of a slump and I’m not entirely sure why.  I find it difficult to relax and I suspect that after a difficult week at work, I am finding it harder than usual.  A run would have helped.

I must make a mental note to get the longer runs done earlier in the day so I can live off of my smugness of having completed it for the rest of the day.  That is my plan for tomorrow’s long run.  I am going to try to beat my 10k time from the Weston Christmas Cracker in December and log it as my time for my Virtual Runner 10k.  I have mixed feelings about whether I will be able to do it.  I’m physically fitter now than I was then, but the course was flat, whereas tomorrow’s plan is undulating.  That will then be my third run logged for Jantastic, so I am on track.

In the spirit of keeping up my Janathon streak, I planked.  In fact, I had a planking competition with Matt.  Yep.  Matt pretty much kicked my bum by doubling my time and some!  I won’t lie, my ego is a bit bruised, as I thought I was the physically fitter of the two of us.  Poop.

And also, I must remember not to wear black and plank on an unhoovered floor where our white and black cat sits.

Author: Steph

Blogger learning to live a healthier life, losing weight and starting to run.

14 thoughts on “Janathon Day 11: The Deterioration of the Plank

  1. Good luck with the 10k tomorrow, well done on the plank, and I totally sympathise about the cat hair!

  2. Hope all goes well tomorrow

  3. Good Luck with your 10k tomorrow. I must admit, when I woke up this morning and everyone was tweeting they’d already done their Janathon activity by Parkrunning I was quite jealous I still had my activity to do!

  4. Good luck on the 10k tomorrow, hope it goes well!

  5. Hope the 10k goes well- enjoy!

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