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Janathon: On the home straight


I feared I had fallen off the Janathon wagon.  I’d exercised but not tweeted or blogged about it since last Monday (I think), but I have managed to catch up with the Janathon wagon and jumped on board – ready in time for the end!  There are only three more days to go!

Not Much of a Runner wrote an excellent post about preparing for the -athons, and I am genuinely wishing that I had paid a bit more heed to his warnings sage advice.  Needless to say that unless you have a truly exceptionally interesting life, the chance is that blogging every single day is much harder than exercising each day.  Don’t get me wrong though – I will be very much looking forward to a complete day off on 1st February!  Juneathon means I am going to have to think a bit more and be more creative about what I am doing, both in terms of exercising and blogging.

Today’s exercise has consisted of a run. It was meant to be 2 miles, but was only 1.67 in the end. I was pleased with my pace but I really need to stop walking as it is hard to get going again. My knees were a bit tender and my ankle was a bit grumbly but overall it wasn’t too bad. Best bit? I finally got to wear my base layer, it is cold enough at last!

Weigh in wasn’t too horrendous – I maintained.


Author: Steph

Blogger learning to live a healthier life, losing weight and starting to run.

10 thoughts on “Janathon: On the home straight

  1. Sage advice from NMOAR are you sure? Sounds unlikely to me. Glad you are back running. Will let you know when killerton is less muddy!

  2. Glad to hear your ankle is better.
    It will be very strange when Janathon comes to an end. It has been a pretty intense ride!

  3. I don’t think I could blog every day, not even for a week!

  4. Hello Sweets – Huge Congrats! I have kept on doing ‘something’ everyday but I am really struggling with internet..The Alps don’t seem to like Twitter, blog comments, facebook (phew!)..so I epically failed on updating! It is seriously difficult – I just fear no one wants to read about my 15second plank 😦 I think the fact I fell over following a adult ski dressed as a teletubbie would be better? I think June maybe go for witty oneliners? 🙂 enjoy the last few days!

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