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Tub’s Janathon Round Up


On my New Year’s Resolutions list, #janathon was right up there in position numero uno.  Having decided that this half marathon plan really did need some time and dedication, I thought that Janathon would be the perfect vehicle to achieve aforementioned dedication.  Well… It kind of worked, and I definitely did better than on my (disastrous) Juneathon.  I did something most days, but the blogging (or even tweeting) went by the wayside fairly early on.

What have I learned from Janathon?

  • Themes!  Themes must be the way forward!  I will have one for Juneathon.  No more waffling at length about how abysmal my plank is.  A theme will help make the “I exercised, therefore I blogged” easier to write (and maybe read!).  Blogging every day in an interesting way is hard.  To be honest, blogging once or twice a week and trying to be interesting is usually difficult enough.
  • Yoga is important to me.  I have neglected yoga (and general stretching) in the last couple of weeks, having started out so well.  All to my detriment.  My calf muscles have developed the elasticity of a dead rubber band or hair tie which in turn makes my brain go “NOOOOO YOU MUST STOP NOW!!  LOOK WHAT HAPPENS TO THE RUBBER BAAAAAAAND!!!”.
  • I am absolutely sick and tired of running around town centres or suburbia, running in the rain, the wind, the dark…  To be honest, I am a bit bored of running (not helpful in my last 4 weeks of training!).  That has not helped in trying to complete Janathon entirely blemish free as it were.
  • There are some great people out there that I am now following on Twitter and Bloglovin’ all because of Janathon.  I’ve interacted more with people than I normally would have done and I’ve really quite enjoyed that side of it.

Will I be signing up for Juneathon?  Yes, but I need to find a theme and think of some more interesting exercises to do other than planking, running and yoga.

Author: Steph

Blogger learning to live a healthier life, losing weight and starting to run.

5 thoughts on “Tub’s Janathon Round Up

  1. I’ve enjoyed reading other people’s blogs MUCH more than writing mine!

  2. I am getting fed up of my winter running routes too- I want lighter evenings so I can go around the fields and things again 🙂

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