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Dartmoor walks in the sunshine


What an absolutely gorgeous day!  After torrential rains and storms like I have never seen, the sunshine was such a warm relief today.  I’d already planned to meet up with H from Slimming World and go for a walk on Dartmoor.  I wanted to take my camera out for a bit.  I didn’t get the chance to go out during the week.

Lots of other people had a similar idea, and there were plenty of kayakers out on the River Dart.


We also crossed paths with these couple of beauties:


Both were sporting their shaggy winter coats, so I imagine they were probably a bit toasty.  It won’t be too long now before all the foals are born.  I was surprised how close we managed to get to them.

We wandered up a little further, hopping over tree roots and successfully avoiding slipping on mossy stones, then decided it was time to turn back as it was getting close to lunchtime.  We drove to Buckfast Abbey for one of the best roast dinners I have had in ages.


We didn’t have a look around too much, as it was a bit of a shame to waste the sunshine.  Even the bees thought so.


After lunch, we dropped H back home.  The only thing is that I swear so much sunlight has caused a sensory overload and I am tired.  Good tired though, not the miserable kind of tired.

This week, I am looking forward to not being away and I will be making a concerted effort to leave work at work.  Let’s aim for a better work-life (and maybe blogging) balance.  I also foresee a return to running (fingers crossed!).



Author: Steph

Blogger learning to live a healthier life, losing weight and starting to run.

4 thoughts on “Dartmoor walks in the sunshine

  1. Can’t believe you were on Dartmoor too!

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