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Reflecting and readjusting


Work is buzzing with the Q1 results that are just about to be finalised.  As I was sat at my desk the other day, it suddenly hit me.  Q1 means that we are a quarter of the way through the year (yep… I’m not just a pretty face – clever to boot!).  Blonde moments aside, I found myself getting all reflective.  So much time lost, and so much lost with so little progress.  At least it feels that way.

I thought it would be a good chance to check where I am against the resolutions I set in January.

Hmm.  Well, I kind of fell at the first hurdle there didn’t I!  Roll on to Juneathon

  • Improve my Slimming World consistency

I will rephrase this as “improve my weight loss consistency”, given that I have stopped going to Slimming World (for the time being, or forever, I’m not sure).  I haven’t been consistent either, in all honesty.  There have been weeks where my food has come from a fast food outlet or Tesco Express, and, to my complete dismay, some weeks where I haven’t actually had any vegetables!  That is actually quite terrifying.

  • Get my 5k time down to 35 minutes and my 10k time down to 75 minutes

This is tricky – I haven’t run either lately.  I have my plans afoot to beast these times though.  I’m on the RYOB plan and will definitely be entering the Weston Christmas Cracker 10k for a direct 10k comparison in December.  In fact, it probably won’t be too long before I reappear at parkrun.  Between myself and J (Matt’s friend), we’ll have covered most of the field – he will be second home, and I will be second to last home!  He made his parkrun début recently and came second!  Anyway, Weston Christmas Cracker entries open on 1st July, and I will be making a beeline for their site around that time.  Watch out 7th December!

  • Complete Silverstone Half Marathon

That one fell flat on its face now, didn’t it.  This has turned into a slightly sore point, so I won’t go on about this one.  One day though, I will do it!

  • Keep up a regular yoga practice

Not being so successful on this one either.  I have recently made steps to reclaiming the bedroom floor from the floordrobe that had crept up.  As part of RYOB, I have incorporated some yoga practice back in to my life.

  • Declutter

I haven’t been too bad at this one.  I’ve “unsubscribed” to some friends on Facebook (though not “defriended” them – far too political, too much of a headache).  That has been quite nice, as I’m not longer being bombarded with some people’s inane gubbins and negativity.  This weekend just gone, I have also managed to get the laundry completely done, which is the first time the basket has been empty since we came back from Cyprus and my mum kindly did all our washing!  At work, I have also managed the same (to a greater or lesser extent).  Still a work in progress, but generally going well.

  • Celebrate progress

The only thing I really consider to be progressing well with at the moment is settling into my role.  I’m coming up to 5 months in my new role, and I think it is so far, so good.  I’ll wait to hear from my manager whether she agrees in my appraisal, but I feel quietly confident.  The only other thing that I consider to be progressing well is my new budget.  I’m much more on track than I was in January.

Looking forward...

Looking forward…

Looking forward for the rest of the year then, I think I need to make a couple of tweaks.  From my original 7 resolutions, 2 of the things really fell by the wayside.

In place of Janathon, I nominate…. [drum roll please]… Janathon’s hotter sibling – Juneathon.  I will be finding a theme, as the writing side of it was surprisingly hard.

And secondly, in place of the Adidas Silverstone Half Marathon, I have decided to learn more about my camera.  I bought a book that has 10 “classes” in it to help you learn your camera.  I’ve really enjoyed playing around with it so far but I definitely think I could do with some structure to understanding it all.

So there we have it – Tub’s Q1 analysis.

Author: Steph

Blogger learning to live a healthier life, losing weight and starting to run.

4 thoughts on “Reflecting and readjusting

  1. A great honest appraisal of your year so far. Liking the new goals as well!

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