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Foodie Penpals: March 2014


This month I was paired with Giles (sending to me) and Kelly (I sent to her).

Kelly blogs over at Interesting Thymes, and has some amazing looking recipes that I have pinned on my Pinterest board to try at a point where I can reek havoc in the kitchen!  Kelly has also been a Foodie Penpal for some time, and I really enjoyed having a scout through some of her previous posts (I am far too nosey sometimes).  After last month’s fiasco of not sending my parcel off early enough, I made sure I got my bum in gear this time.  I enjoyed shopping, and with a bit more of a spring in my Foodie Penpal step, I asked some different questions which provided me with a bit more of a challenge (and a challenge one of the things was!).

Giles is part of Our Honest Foods, and I was sent one of their products through the Foodie Penpals scheme.  I feel that I should add that I am deliberately not reviewing the concept or product of Our Honest Foods, or linking to their website as this is not a product review, just my usual Foodie Penpals write up and not an endorsement.  Anyway… I was pleased with the contents – plenty of delicious things to try.


I actually received the parcel mid-month, so all bar the Melting Pot Fudge have survived.  Annoyingly my milk intolerance is still going strong, so I can’t have the fudge yet.  The rest of it was fair game though!

I am a total convert to O Bars.  I was expecting it to be like a Nakd bar, but it was quite moist (though not soggy), and it felt a bit like a naughty treat.  Of course, everything in moderation, so it was probably a good thing that I was only sent one!  I am trying to find a local stockist of them though, but so far, I can only see them online.

I have seen Captain Tiptoes at Darts Farm, but I hadn’t tried any of their products.  I will be honest, I was never sure if I liked harissa.  To be fair, I’d never tried harissa, and always assumed that it was super spicy.  I do like chilli peanuts though.  I like chilli things generally speaking, and these almonds and peanuts did not let the side down.  Tasty and a great snack!  I don’t think I could eat more than a bag of this size at the time though, as the chilli does sneak up on you, but I now know that harissa is not super-mind-blowing spice.

Gingerbread Man!  These things always make me smile – they remind me of Shrek.  I am a big gingerbread fan, though I actually thought this guy could have been more gingery.  Tasty all the same!  I did not put him through the tea dunking test, but he would have stood up to it (if I hadn’t eaten a leg first).

The Perry Court Farm apple crisps I am sure I have had before.  If I haven’t had these, then I have had a Devonian variety at the County Show a couple of years back.  I love these.  I had the bramley apple variety which is perfect for me.  I like apples to be really tart.  Matt prefers his to be a bit more subtle, but I am all about the ones that make your face screw up a bit!  Unlike the nuts, I could eat these by the kilo.

Lastly was Willie’s Cacao Ginger Lime chocolate.  A good, solid dark chocolate with 70% cocoa.  It promised a spicy ginger with a punch of lime.  I found it to be more of a hint, but it was very pleasant nonetheless.  It’s not knocked my favourite chocolates off their top spot, but I could definitely justify eating it in the run up to giving blood!

So, another month gone, I wonder who I will be paired with next month!  Only a few more days until I find out.

Interested in taking part in the Foodie Penpals scheme?  Check out This is Rock Salt (UK and Europe) or the Lean Green Bean (USA & Canada).  Thanks to Carol Anne at Rock Salt for organising the UK arm of this great scheme!

Author: Steph

Blogger learning to live a healthier life, losing weight and starting to run.

6 thoughts on “Foodie Penpals: March 2014

  1. Your box looks scrumptious!
    Just to let you know..Morrisons stock O Bars (or at least our local one does) and they are in the free from/wholefoods aisle 🙂 Hope that helps!
    I want a Ginger Bread Man now!!!

    • Ahh thanks Katie! I will have to detour to our localish Morrisons as they aren’t in Tesco. I may also check Holland and Barrett to see if they have them.

  2. I love gingerbread men too- love the one in Shrek!

  3. Those O Bars sound nice – might have to give them a look. Thanks for the pointer and the review!

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