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Time for a catch up


Grab a cuppa!

Well, you don’t have to, though I have!  Unfortunately I don’t have a huge amount of new news to share.  It’s the familiar, if not comfortable treadmill of work, eat, sleep, repeat.  For that reason, and, unusually for me, I haven’t really had too many strong opinions or thoughts on much recently.  Unless it’s work related, of course.

Last weekend saw the start of my marshalling season with the training day at Castle Combe in Wiltshire.  In complete contrast to last year, we had lovely weather with engaged sessions.  The track looked particularly pretty in the morning with wispy fog around.

Castle Combe

The only thing I wish the organisers wouldn’t do is schedule training days on Mother’s Day and the same day that the clocks go back.  It just seemed cruel and unnecessary! Having said that, it was a really good day, I enjoyed the learning points and I had the chance to catch up with some friends which is always welcome.

My week has been far too busy for my liking (again), and I haven’t been great at using My Fitness Pal.

After I had my epiphany (if you can call it such), I decided to download My Fitness Pal and start tracking.  I did really well for the first week, and then last week just got crazy to the point of ridiculous, and, naturally I made some poor choices.  I’m back to it today though.  Much as it pained me to admit it (after I had logged them on MFP), I had two almond croissants.  A WHOPPING 700 calories!  Argh!  It has been interesting to see what I have eaten.  I haven’t concerned myself too much with trying to stick to certain types of food, but more to the calorie limit.  Some things have surprised me how low they are, and some (like almond croissants) have surprised me with how much they are.

I love the barcode scanner on the app, which is so useful, and I also like the nutritional values per day.  I have to admit that I don’t weigh out and log things like raw veggies – I don’t think I have the time to weigh and record things like that for such a little number (16 calories for a cup of cucumber? yes please!).  I will check the back of some higher value veggies though.  Anyway… What has been interesting has been the daily and weekly stats, which have suggested that:

  • I eat far too many carbs and fats, and not enough protein.  Could that be why I don’t stay satisfied for long enough?
  • I have never once hit even 50% on my iron intake
  • I don’t seem to get enough calcium

I feel some tweaks to my diet coming on, but I’m a bit stumped as to what to do about the iron and protein things.  While I appreciate that MFP is not the be-all and end-all, it has helped to highlight a potential issue.

So back to today’s food.  Having eaten nearly half my day’s calorie intake on those silly (but delicious, but not to the tune of 700 calories) croissants, and knowing that I am out with friends for tea later today, I had to get my thinking cap on for what to have for lunch.  Quite often, Matt and I will eat out on a weekend, whether that is getting something from the Tesco Express, M&S or eating at a cafe or restaurant, or a takeaway.  We need to go to Exeter to pick up a couple of things and I suggested we either went to M&S and ate on the cathedral green, or maybe tried Las Iguanas which has recently opened.  As it turned out, time was getting on a bit, and I know we have an expensive few weeks ahead, so I settled down with Nairn’s black pepper oatcakes, sweet chilli cottage cheese (this is amazing!  I don’t know how I have lived my life without it!), prawns, cucumber and tomatoes.


Tank thought he liked prawns, so I gave him a few while I was preparing lunch.  As I sat down to eat said lunch, he came into the living room and sicked it all back up.  Cats are delightful…

I’m off out with friends for the second night in a row.  It was Nepalese last night, pub grub tonight.


Inspire me with your lunch choices!  (please 🙂 )


Author: Steph

Blogger learning to live a healthier life, losing weight and starting to run.

12 thoughts on “Time for a catch up

  1. I have used MFP for 40 days now it tells me! I don’t log salad veg, sometimes will high cal veg. Must admit it stops me eating biscuits omg how many cals in a digestive? And I never eat one! I like seeing the breakdown and never eat all my fat or protein but always all my carbs! Now I think it’s working clothes are loser, boobs smaller (TMI?) but have yet to venture on the scales as they not always my best friend! Good luck, keep going and come see me at killerton soon!

  2. I had homemade sweet potato and coriander soup with oat cakes (and brie, shhhh!). The soup is very easy and freezes well.

    • That sounds amazing! Love sweet potatoes! Would you mind sharing the recipe please?

      • Happy to: Recipe is from a Marks & Spencer’s book called Flavours of Morocco: 70 easy authentic recipes.

        1 tsp cooking oil
        2 medium leeks, chopped coarsely
        3 cloves garlic
        800g sweet potatoes, chopped coarsely
        1 litre of chicken stock
        160ml light evaporated milk
        1/3 cup finely chopped fresh coriander

        Cook leek and garlic in oil, stirring until leek softens. Add sweet potatoes; cook stirring for 5 minutes. Add stock, bring to boil, reduce heat & simmer until potatoes cooked through.
        Blend or process soup until smooth. Simmer uncovered until soup thickens. Stir in evaporated milk and coriander and warm over heat without boiling.
        (I freeze this in batches, with the evaporated milk and it has always reheated well – Enjoy!)

  3. That is interesting that my fitness pal tracks iron and calcium too. I have read a lot about iron (being vegetarian) and what I found was that the actual iron you need is a lot less than the rda, but people vary so much in what they actually absorb, which is why it is so high. So I think of you are experiencing symptoms of low iron get your blood checked by your GP, but if you feel fine (no tiredness etc) then you are probably more efficient at absorbing iron from your diet. I have not eaten meat for about 20 years now, and only take supplements sporadically, but I have never had an issue with iron whenever my blood has been tested.
    Ah, almond croissants, they are my favourite! Well anything with marzipan is! Although having seen how they make croissant pastry on the TV, I am not surprised by the cals! They are probably half butter!

    • I vaguely remember croissants being one of the Great British Bake Off challenges and being mildly horrified how much butter went in to them!

      I have problems with iron absorption as I can be B12 deficient and have to go to the doctors every now and then, but it would also seem I am not getting enough iron either. That said, I don’t take supplements as I am awful at remembering to take tablets. I guess the test will be whether I am a floater when I return to blood donors in the next couple of weeks 🙂

      Ah croissants…. why do you have to be so calorific!?

  4. Ahhhh Steph I have had serious issues with iron deficiency before – I’m on pretty much a life time of iron tablets and previously when I got ‘low’ I could barely run a mile..drag myself out of bed etc etc
    However there is loads of gorgeous (and reasonable calorie) ways to top up iron, it’s super important because if your energy levels are low it’s natural to grab crappy food for a ‘boost’..
    I love things like grapenuts (ace breakfast or with greek yogurt to help with your protein?), weetabix&rice crispys! Lentils and pulses and find if I had these to my lunch time soups they are super filling, along side rye bread, chickpeas (hello hummus and a side of veggies)..Hope that provides some inspiration?
    Oh and the croissants – Don’t worry..there are some things in life like flaky pastry sounding chocolate (yum) or almond that just *have* to be consumed! 😀

  5. What is it with cats and sick? And having to always be stick indoors too?! Mine has been sick three times this week, I think after munching on the long grass.
    MFP is really handy for breaking down your food content and seeing what you need to eat more/less of! It was because of MFP last year that I started upping my protein as I wasn’t eating anywhere near enough.

    • I can’t even blame the grass with my two – they are indoor cats.

      I am totally stats oriented and I’ve found MFP really useful for this so far. I’ve noticed that I eat loads of carbs so far, and probably too much fat. I think the carbs thing is a bit of a hangover from Slimming World (unlimited pasta, rice, potatoes).

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