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I’m a good little bleeder


I have had a really nice start to the week this week.  Monday was its usual manic self, and life just didn’t go much according to plan, but yesterday I had a good day at work, and a lovely walk with my sister in the evening.  I took the camera out and got a few pictures.  It was a beautiful evening, a bit of a chill in the air, but gorgeous nonetheless.

Exmouth Waterwheel

I waited for my sister by the Withycombe waterwheel.  I could hear her coming, saying “pretty weeds”.  We chatted our way towards the beach, and this little guy stopped near us, rummaged for a peanut, and found his bounty.


The wind really picked up as we got to the beach.  There were plenty of runners, cyclists and families out.  It was definitely gloves weather for the runners, though it was nice enough to be in a t-shirt.  The life boat was out for a bit too.  I don’t often see it out except at Christmas.


P and I chatted about everything and nothing for the whole 3 miles wander, and I loved it.  I don’t get to spend that much time with her sadly, as she doesn’t live in Devon, but when she does come down, it’s so nice just to natter and spend time.

Then, for my really exciting news – I’m a little bleeder!  A successful one!  I gave blood for the first time in 5 years tonight.  I started trying to donate in 2003, and managed to give 3 whole pints over 3 years, but with a load of anaemic tests, I turned into a floater (where my blood floats in the liquid in the finger prick test, when it should sink if you have enough iron).  Well, I am back to being a sinker!

I am so pleased.  My mum and sister have both give large amounts of blood over the years, and it is something I think is so important (so much gain for such little pain), so I was so disappointed not to be able to donate for a long time.  The website has come on so much and booking an appointment is so easy now.  I will be trying very hard to drag Matt along at some point soon.


Are you a successful bleeder too?


Author: Steph

Blogger learning to live a healthier life, losing weight and starting to run.

11 thoughts on “I’m a good little bleeder

  1. I have tried to give blood twice in the past but I have a heart condition where I’m prone to collapsing and having seizures in stressful environments . The first time I went they wouldn’t even attempt to take any and the second time I collapsed so I have been unable to donate despite it being something I would really love to be able to do. Good on you for giving blood. 🙂

  2. I too am anaemic and have been for years. Tell me how have you become unanaemic I have just had another low blood test despite popping iron pills daily. I need the secret to your success. Please!

    • The running might not help, or so Runner’s World tells me. I was actually B12 folate deficient and had to have injections for a couple of years. It might be worth asking your doctor to run that on a blood test (though the injections hurt like hell if you are b12 deficient). I now seem to be able to absorb iron again.

  3. Well done!
    I gave blood about 5 times I think, but I am very queasy and would faint each time they removed the needle. They put on my chart to take less blood (as they said because I am short I would have less blood than average) but I still fainted, so now I don’t go. I hate needles anyway, so it was quite traumatic (not as bad as having to be given the blood) but it was such hassle for the nurses to have to look after me once I came around again, so I have not been for a long time now. I always feel guilty when I see the vans, but then I know that I have tried and it is just not good.

    • That is a real shame, but it is a horrible feeling fainting. I got woozy after donating my first couple of times, but they now make you drink a pint of water before you donate and also get you tense large muscle groups while you donate now, which helps. I had my mum, sister and Matt on fainting standby but I was ok.

  4. Well Done 🙂
    Unfortunately, I have a phobia of needles and as much as I’d like to help people, I just can’t bring myself to go through the fear of having blood taken unless its mandatory.
    That, and I’ve just got out of surgery and required 3 blood transfusions, so I’m pretty sure I’m no longer allowed to give blood either.
    Laura | Health and Fitness Blogger

  5. I’ve only given blood once! I’m kinda of a baby when it comes to needles and medical procedures even though I’ve had seven kids!!
    My husband is a member of the gallon club and donates regularly. That half counts for me too – right??!!

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