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Tub’s Liebster Award 2014 Edition


Laura over at Laura’s Fat to Fit Journey kindly nominated me for a Liebster award.  Laura asked her 10 nominees 10 questions.  I love a good questionnaire personally, so this is right up my street!

Liebster Award

Just a quick note about Laura though – she’s one of the bloggers that I find truly inspiring.  She’s shared her weight loss journey on her blog, including some new adventures (which would terrify the life out of me), and I am amazed by her yoga abilities!  It gives me hope that one day, I will be able to do a similar thing.

Anyhow…  The 10 questions that Laura asked, and my answers are:

  • What’s your biggest fitness/health goal?

For me, it has to be getting to my goal weight.  But this leads on to the “what is my goal weight” question.  Do you know, for someone who is on a journey to lose my weight, I’m not actually sure of the destination.  Bad weight loss blogger!  According to my BMI chart, my healthy weight range is between 123lbs and 160lbs.  I am hoping that I’ll have an epiphany about what I want that number to be.  Fitness wise, I have a marathon on my bucket list.  My blog feed was full of marathon training and then race reports from London to Manchester to Paris and I loved reading every single one of them.  Maybe one day… who knows!

  • Do you own any pets?

I am not entirely sure whether I am the owner or the pet the way that Tank and Timo rule the roost!  They are rescue cats from the Cats Protection at Axhayes, and both have FIV meaning that they’re indoor cats.  They’re fab.  We’ve had them for 3 years and Matt and I struggle to remember life before they appeared.  Endless sources of amusement.

The cats

  • Why did you start blogging?

Great question!  Originally I cited accountability.  Yeah.  That hasn’t worked so well.  I guess part of it was seeking some accountability for myself, but I enjoy writing to be honest.  I had a blog before, but I didn’t really understand it, so I reverted back to paper diaries (which I still keep).  As I’ve got more into blogging, the more blogs I read, and the greater inspiration and motivation that I take from them.  I’d like to think that I had that effect on someone one day.  It is just nice to know that I am not alone.

  • What is your biggest accomplishment?

Probably my career.  It’s been the culmination of my education and experience, and I work in an industry that I feel strongly about and have the benefit of enjoying (for the most part).  More frivolously, I was so pleased with myself after the Weston Christmas Cracker 10k.


  • What is your favourite blog post?

My favourite post was probably our wedding day.

  • If you could only choose one food to live on for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I personally think it is cruel to make me choose between peanut butter and Nutella.  I properly fell off my Nutella wagon when Matt and I visited Brody’s last week.  Ah it is so good!  I always have a chuckle to myself when we go to Matt’s nan’s because she spreads vast amounts of butter on bread (almost a kind of “would you like any bread with your butter” situation).  As I was spreading the Nutella on my toast, Matt stopped me and said “would you like any toast with your Nutella?”.  He may have a very small, tiny, minute point.  I stopped trowelling it on at that point.

  • What motivates you?

My motivation shifts.  It can be a good fitspo (urgh I hate that term) photo, reading other blogs, seeing old photos of me, events to look forward to, etc.  The biggest barrier to my motivation is stress, but I think I struck a good balance in the last few days.

  • What is a favourite quote/motto that you live by?

I don’t have one as such, but I do like this:

I can be so horrendously impatient that this is a good reminder.

  • Name one item/thing that you could not go a day without.

Breakfast.  I am a proper grump if I don’t have my breakfast.  Right now, it’s all about the porridge!

  • Tell us something that we might not already know about you.

I used to play the flute.  I haven’t picked it up in many years, which I regret, as I find a sense of comfort in music.  Also, I am a big craft geek, and it is an annual tradition for Mum and I to go to Stitches craft show at Westpoint in September.

Feel free to answer a question or two 🙂


Author: Steph

Blogger learning to live a healthier life, losing weight and starting to run.

4 thoughts on “Tub’s Liebster Award 2014 Edition

  1. Love your answers and the pic at the 10k that smile says it all!

  2. Great Answers Steph! It’s great to get to know you a little better. 🙂 x

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