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Juneathon Week 1 Round Up


I think I may have (slightly) underestimated how busy my first week of June was going to turn out to be, and while I haven’t managed to blog properly, I have stuck to the Juneathon rules of exercising and logging it daily.  As evidence, I would like to submit:



Today is Day 8 (well duuuh… what with it being 8th June and all!).  It is my sister’s birthday this week, so Mum and I decided it might be nice to spring a surprise visit on her.  I think if sweating in a sauna (read: car) counted as a Juneathon activity, I would have aced Juneathon today – the heat today was almost oppressive, but thankfully the good company made the journey pleasant.

We arrived in good time, and after greetings and proffering of gifts, the executive decision made was to go to the pub for lunch.  Ourm ode of transport – our legs!  It was a lovely walk through a park, nattering all the way.  I even recognised some places where my sister and I had run the Race for Life around this time about 5 years ago.

We stopped at a great little pub with a beer garden, ate, continued chatting and headed into the city centre.  I had said that I wanted to go to Montezuma’s.  In my humble opinion, Montezuma’s make the best chocolate.  I was introduced to them by a Foodie Penpal, and I developed a deep love for their chilli lime chocolate.  I haven’t been able to find a stockist for that specific chocolate in Devon, so we went straight to the source today.

It was questionable whether the chocolate would make it home in anything other than a smushy melted mess, but impressively, it survived.

We walked back to my sister’s, had a well deserved drink, wished her a happy birthday and came home.

I’ve had one of those really enjoyable weekends – yesterday at the South West Blog Social (which I will write about at some point when I have collected my thoughts into a coherent string), and today’s trip to Hampshire, it really has been the stuff that good weekends are made of.

My plan for Juneathon next week is to get some cardio and weights in, as a proper plan has been woefully lacking.

Fail to plan


Author: Steph

Blogger learning to live a healthier life, losing weight and starting to run.

8 thoughts on “Juneathon Week 1 Round Up

  1. Looks like a full week to me 🙂

    • A full week, and no misspellings of the sacred summer month or confusion with the colder brother! I live in fear of you finding any and slapping press-up penalties on me!

  2. I love Montezuma’s too! Although not chilli chocolate!

  3. Were you in Southampton? I was walking on the a Common on Sunday there 🙂

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