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Surviving BBQs and balsamic vinegar: Whole30 Days 15 to 19


It’s all downhill from here!  Not that it has felt like too much of a struggle if I am honest.

Day 15

Half way baby!  In the midst of BBQ waftings and far too much cake, I have survived to the halfway point.  It hasn’t been a terribly newsworthy day with the exception that I realised I am allergic to fresh pineapple.

As the BBQ permeated the office, I felt quite smug as I tucked into my salad followed by a pot of fresh pineapple.  As I got towards the end of my pot, my mouth had gone all tingly and my tongue had started to swell.  It wasn’t really bad, but it was quite uncomfortable.  I’ve never really noticed it before when I’ve eaten pineapple.

Sad times.  I guess I’ll have to go back to my trusty mango instead.

Day 16

I am sooooooo bored of balsamic vinegar being on my salad.  I am also feel like breakfast is a bit lacking in creativity so I will be putting my thinking cap on for next week’s breakfast.

I’m still having some tummy troubles, which I suspect is just a clear out (nice!) and will settle back down soon.

Day 17

All is forgiven, balsamic vinegar!  I didn’t put any on my salad today, and wished I had.  You can’t please some people!  I had some good post today – Well Fed 2 but Melissa Joulwan arrived today.  I love leafing through a new recipe book looking for inspiration.  It is quite similar in parts to Nom Nom Paleo (or NNP is close to Well Fed 2, I think WF2 was first).  I have missed a bit of spice in our meals so I have a couple of recipes earmarked for the weekend’s cook up.

Day 18

I have had a really nice day, relaxing doing some cross stitch.  I had originally planned to do some work, but my brain just didn’t want to play.  It was great to pick up something that was quite mindless and just be quiet.

Cross Stitch

We had a cooked breakfast which was fab and saw us through to tea time without any thought for lunch.  Tea was the final cottage pie, which was the last meal of my mass cooking session two weeks ago.

Day 19

I’ve been a busy bee with some work this morning.  I could have killed for a cup of tea or even a black coffee (I take my coffee with two sugars).  I guess it’s just a habit thing.  I am missing tea every now and then.  This afternoon has been all about cooking.  I even managed not to make a huge mess in the kitchen like I normally do!

West African Stew Tub on the Run

The pork is in the slow cooker to make pulled pork.  Cincinnati chilli is currently on the hob simmering away.  Taj Mahal Chicken and West African Stew (all from Well Fed 2) are currently cooling down in their boxes, ready to go in the freezer, and I have meatballs from Nom Nom Paleo left to make.   As something new to try for breakfast, I have made little eggy muffins.

Breakfast Muffins

They have smoked bacon, diced onion, yellow pepper and salt and black pepper in them.  I wasn’t expecting the back ones to get quite so big.  I think I used about 5 eggs.

All in all, I’m still feeling good, not the “tiger blood” (cringe) stage, but consistently good.  My sleep is sound, though I rarely have a problem with my sleep, and when I do, I know what’s caused it.  I’m less bloated, and I feel like I am cracking this sugar thing.  I haven’t craved anything other than tea over the last few days.

Author: Steph

Blogger learning to live a healthier life, losing weight and starting to run.

12 thoughts on “Surviving BBQs and balsamic vinegar: Whole30 Days 15 to 19

  1. You are doing great!
    That sucks that you are allergic to pineapple though 😦

  2. I get the same reaction to pineapple and the honey dew melon. It’s the acid. Can u not add some crushed garlic a bit of olive oil and some herbs to make a salad dressing???

  3. Tinned in juice should be fine, avoid in syrup. Have u weighed urself yet?

  4. Well done for keeping going 🙂

  5. Oooooh your so nearly there & it sound’s like you’ve made fantastic progress with keeping to the plan, just imagine how good that tea will taste? 🙂
    I do love balsamic but I understand it can get boring, can you have a light soy style dressing to give a more oriental taste to your salads? – It is annoying that sooooo many dressings are laden with nasties.
    Those eggy muffins’s look amazing, I ate all 4 of mine in one hit (hey big eater) and pulled pork…I’ve only tried that recently when I started eating meat again and it’s seriously good! 🙂

    • Thank you 🙂 Sadly I can’t have soy either. Apparently you ca use something called coconut aminos but I don’t think they’re readily available and I haven’t been bothered enough to hunt it down. I’m back on the balsamic though 🙂

      Home cooked pulled pork is the best! I always think it is a great idea to have it when I’m out, but I am always left thinking that mine is better. I never learn though! 🙂

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