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Winning streak! (and protein powder)


I go through phases of winning things.  These phases are usually years and years apart.  Probably my last significant “win” was when I won a load of Spiderman books and several packets of the amazing games that was Pogs.


Well this year, I entered one giveaway – Miss Wheezy‘s two year blogiversary, and won a crate of Coco Cafe drinks (which were very tasty), and a £20 voucher for Wiggle.  Unusually for me, I didn’t go straight and and spend the voucher.  Instead, I waited until recently, trying to work out what would be a good choice.  With my autumn plans starting, and specifically, the running part, I thought it would be a good idea to get a jacket.  The problem is that when you’re the size I am, there aren’t many running jackets that fit.  I won’t say that I found one that fit right now, but I have found one that isn’t too far off – the Brooks Boylston jacket.


It arrived while I was away in August, and I have to say, I am impressed with Wiggle’s speed of delivery, the Haribo star mix that came with the jacket were a nice touch, and I would definitely buy from them again.  I really love the jacket.  I cannot believe how light it is – it’s practically weight-less.  There are also thumb holes.  No idea about whether it actually works as a jacket yet – the weather hasn’t been too bad!

So – thank you to Beki at Miss Wheezy for the voucher!

The second part of my giveaway winning streak is from Julie at Too Fat to Run.  Julie’s website is a fantastic resource for the larger than typical runner, with advice, good humour, and now, merchandise catering for the larger lady.  Julie asked for some ideas for future blog posts, and one of my suggestions was chosen.  She contacted me, and sent me a technical tank top in orange.

Too fat to run

I love the colour – you definitely cannot miss me!  Julie stocks a vibrant green and pick too.  What I really like about the top, aside from the colour, is the length.  I am not extremely tall, but I do have quite a long body, and finding a top that is long enough, regardless of whether it is gym wear, or normal wear, can be difficult.  So this definitely wins all round.  The only thing I would change is the logo, purely because I prefer small logos on my clothing.

Thank you Julie for the top, planner and cards.  I’ll definitely be coming back for my next size down!

My last thing, which I didn’t win, but bought, but I thought I’d mention was a new protein shake.  I had read about Purition on Wedges and Weights.  I always seem to hurt a huge, disgusting amount, after kettlebells, and protein shakes help to minimise the pain (and therefore allow me to actually function on a daily basis).  The previous shake I’ve had is full of unpronounceable chemicals, and I wanted to have something a bit more natural.  Purition only uses natural ingredients.  The taste is therefore much less sweet than other protein shakes I’ve had, but I actually think I prefer that.  The seedy bits in it are also a bit different, but okay.


I bought the coconut flavour, and it is subtle, but nice. The speed of delivery was pretty good too.

I think that rounds up all my fitness based wins and purchases lately.  I’m looking forward to using them, and I’m actually wishing for some wet weather towards the end of the month so I can test drive my jacket!

Have you won anything recently? Or bought any new-to-you things?

Author: Steph

Blogger learning to live a healthier life, losing weight and starting to run.

10 thoughts on “Winning streak! (and protein powder)

  1. Yay! Congrats on your winning streak! And I love the sound of that jacket, such a great bright colour for evening runs too 🙂

  2. The thing I love most about you in that vest (apart from how fab you look obs!) – your cat is posing too!!! There is clearly no way kitty is going to miss out on a seriously important photo opportunity!
    I actually really like thumb holes in clothing, they keep hands warm and snug in winter but not overly hot like gloves do!
    Personally I don’t think it’s great that so few places stop at a certain size for fitness clothing, do they foolishly think that if your over a size 14 for example you don’t want to exercise? or you shouldn’t look stylish whilst running or at the gym? *Shakes head*

    • I know! Silly little cat! I took the photo on timer and he was fascinated by the noise.

      I don’t understand why clothing companies don’t make clothes for a larger person. They’re defintely missing out on a portion of the market here! Thankfully, I seem to do okay in Nike sizes though.

  3. Great jacket, I hope you don’t get to use it for a long while though!

  4. Congratulations on all the winning! 🙂
    I did win some coconut sugar last year,, that was great!
    Love that running jacket- the trouble with jackets I find is that if they are waterproof, they keep all the sweat in- I a always too hot or too cold!

    • Coconut sugar sounds interesting – I imagine it was good for baking with.

      I would agree with the jacket problem but this one has an open back (it is kind of hard to explain) so I wonder if I will have the usual problem with it.

  5. Am I the only one who never wins anything?

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