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Feeling brighter and breaking tasks down


In my last post, I talked about chunking it all up – one step at a time to achieve the bigger picture.  I’ve had to think about what my goals are again, and it really boils down to achieving a 100lbs weight loss .  That will put me at 162lbs (11 and a half stone in old money).  I don’t actually know if 162lbs is right for me, but I will decided nearer that point where I want to go with it.

One of the things I have started to add in to my little arsenal of inspiration and motivation is the Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Editions.  There is also One Year to Save My Life.  Trashy TV?  Kind of!  Realistically something I could do in those timescales?  Probably not so much.  I couldn’t give up work for 3 months for a start and I doubt that Chris Powell would come and live with me to kick my ass for free.  But, motivational?  Absolutely!  Of the things I am learning is that cardio isn’t king, but that intervals, cardio and weights seem to be a much more effective strategy.

So in honour of chunking exercise down, there is a plan.  The plan isn’t something to be terrified or overwhelmed by, which is how I have viewed it in the past, but something to help me.  There is a plan which spans a long time, and I know that constantly looking at that will result in wide rabbit-in-headlights eyes.  It’s time to crack out the Believe I Am planner that I bought last year.  I’ve got a master spreadsheet (because I am just so cool) which looks at the wider picture, which I have put reward intervals on.

However, we all know that abs aren’t made in the gym (though truth be told, I’m not too worried about seeing my abs).  Meal planning means getting back to the batch cooking and asking myself the “will this help or hinder me?” question on a regular basis.  I will also be reacquainting myself with the “am I hungry or bored” question, and looking for keep-outta-the-kitchen tactics that I can stick with.  No more beating myself up, but also, no more binges.  I must learn my triggers and new, more effective ways of coping.

Does this mean I am going 100% paleo?  Not necessarily.  I think the paleo framework fits me really well, and I have honestly never felt so good as when I completed my Whole 30, but for me it is not a sustainable way of eating in the longer term (I like to eat out every now and then!).  A little of what you like doesn’t do you harm (well… unless you like dangerous things or are allergic!).

Measuring success isn’t just about the scales, but going in 10lb blocks will be helpful to me.  Losing 10lb chunks instead of the overall 100lbs, I think we can all agree, is much less daunting.  Rewards?  Why not!  No idea about what the rewards will be, but we’ll get to that point later.

I feel so much more positive after getting my previous thoughts down and feel genuinely ready to start tackling this all again.


Author: Steph

Blogger learning to live a healthier life, losing weight and starting to run.

11 thoughts on “Feeling brighter and breaking tasks down

  1. I think 11.7 is a awesome/slim weight for someone like you..You may have seen the YouTube blogger Carly Rowena? She basically looks like a model but is your height and 10st.11 or something and she looks insane! So you would look uhhhmazing at that weight! But..what am I saying???!!!!
    It’s all not all about comparison and what the scales say because we all look different at different weights? I’m rarely much under or around10stone and this horrifies some people..I think well I’m happy/healthy/fit so why should I aim for the unattainable 9st dead? I’m 5’7 and nearly 30 for crying out loud… The best thing is finding a eating/workout lifestyle that suits you and is something you can feel happy with long term and go with what feel’s right for you and your body/time/lifestyle.
    Oh and spreadsheets..love it!!

    • Thank you Katie! You are right, it isnt about comparison but knowing what you *could maybe* achieve is always interesting!

      Gotta love a spreadsheet! I may not be the most organised person, but my spreadsheets are good! 🙂

  2. Sounds like a great bunch of plans and so nice to hear you up beat. X

  3. I think getting things down really helps to sort thoughts out in your head. A plan is always good 🙂

  4. The 10lb blocks is a good idea. I spilt my target into 7lb blocks and it did really help me feel as if I was getting somewhere.

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