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Autumn plans


Autumn Background

I have plans!  This is a 100% improvement on my bimble through the summer months, but this time, I have something to aim for – the Weston Christmas Cracker 10k on 7th December 2014.

In honour of being ready to beat my PB that I set last year, I have made my beeline for Hal Higdon’s website, specifically the Novice 10k plan.  It’s an 8 week plan designed to get you from barely runner to 10k competent.  I’ve combined this with a yoga plan and the reintroduction of kettlebells.  Behold… the plan….

The plan!

I really like the three runs per week, the variety, and the rest.  I’m not good with plans that have more than three days of running, I get bored.  However, I’ve synced this to my diary and moved some workouts around as I need to, but I’ve decided that this is an entirely achievable plan.

Yesterday being Week 1 Day 1, I moved the coffee table out of the way in the living room, plugged my ipod into the stereo, donned my Too Fat to Run vest top and started lobbing a kettlebell about.  Matt had said that he wanted to try kettlebells with me, a decision that I think he might be quietly regretting now.  I’m not sure how long we worked out for, but it was long enough for the Med veg to roast.  Anyway, Russian twists and static lunges didn’t kill me off so…

Monday done

Gold star and a smiley face for me!  Shortly followed by tea.

Today’s activity is a two and a half mile run.  I haven’t run for ages, so it’ll be a walk interspersed with some slightly quicker lumbering.  I don’t want to take it too quickly as I have had some knee twinges lately, which I suspect are due to my weight, so I don’t want to risk injury.

Do you work out or run with a plan?


Author: Steph

Blogger learning to live a healthier life, losing weight and starting to run.

14 thoughts on “Autumn plans

  1. Your plan looks great, Steph! Having a plan is great for knowing when and what you’re going to do on a specific day. Helps to keep you accountable.

    I workout/run to a very lenient plan. I know the amount of runs and workouts that I will be doing during the week, but I don’t have a particular day that I will do them, so still planning, but not specific 😉

    I really want to get back into Kettlebells as they were an awesome workout, but with my PiYo stuff at the moment, there’s just no point in me adding something else as I won’t stick to it.

    • To be honest, I will probably end up doing the same – the right amount of workouts but not necessarily in the order I have put up.

      You are doing really well with your piyo. I know what you mean about adding too much in though.

  2. I used to love a plan, but now I pretty much wing it, although when training for a longer race (eg half marathon) I pencil in my long runs to make sure they progress enough before race day.

  3. I tend to start with Hal Higdon and then make some adjustments to suit my own schedule. This usually goes through some minor tweaks and changes once I get into the swing of it but the key (for me at least) is to get the long run in each week. That and adding in some ‘fun’ workouts to help stay motivated – my favourite is a Fartlek session once every two to three weeks. 🙂

    • Gotta love a Hal Higdon plan! Likewise, I have tried to put some fun things in so that I don’t get bored. I am not quite at the stage of being able to introduce different types of runs in, but I will get there! 🙂

  4. Hope the run went well. I usually follow a plan as it keeps me on the straight and narrow, but since joining the club I’ve not followed one at all! Will be interesting to see if this works or not.

  5. Well done for making a plan, that’s half the battle won.

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