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New yoga leggings see the light of day!


It has been a relatively quiet day in the Tub household today.  I slept better and woke feeling a bit more rested which is good.  Otherwise it’s been a day of general pottering.

I cracked out my new yoga leggings for an hour of yoga this evening.  They’re so comfortable, and more importantly, don’t fall down!

Fractal 9 Leggings Janathon 2

As with most things lately, I haven’t been good at keeping up any kind of regular yoga practice, so I decided to complete video #1 of the Ekhart Yoga beginner programme.  I really like Andrew Wrenn’s style of teaching/instruction – I don’t find it pushy or patronising as I think some other well know yogis can be.  The first video of the programme is free.  I’m debating whether to pay for the downloads for the other videos, but I think I’ll be doing this particular video a few more times until my wrists stop screaming at me and my hamstrings decide that flexibility is the way to go.

I’ll also be dusting off this video to help with my wrists:

Now it is tea time.

What are you having for tea?  I have a Thai green curry.

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17 thoughts on “New yoga leggings see the light of day!

  1. I had turkey curry, I am not sure why when we both agreed no turkey this year we ended up eating one in January!

  2. Those leggings are very snazzy indeed!!

  3. Love those leggings! Very cool!
    I am having a salad tonight with some nice cheese and loads of bits 🙂

  4. Very jazzy leggings! Yesterday was my first day of being healthy and so I had (semi-healthy) breaded chicken breast, homemade coleslaw and pickles. It was delicious. I did bring myself back a lovely apple tart from Paris so did have to eat that! Good luck with the yoga – I am back at class on Tuesday. Expecting the gym to be rammed!

    • Thanks! That sounds like a good tea, finished off with one of my favourite desserts! Our gym will be packed out at the moment I am sure. I haven’t rejoined yet, and if am wondering whether it would be better to wait until Feb when things have calmed down a bit.

  5. I live in leggings. Do t think you can beat them for comfort.

  6. I love your leggings – where are they from?